The Joker's Wild

CBS (ended 1975)


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  • Loved this show as a kid.

    Jack Barry was kinda scary looking but I liked his voice. Anybody ever notice that the car you win on the show was ALWAYS an AMC Eagle Wagon with fake wood on the sides? I remember one woman lasted so long on the show she won 5 of them!
  • A classic poker game but with one twist. You have to pull a lever like a big slot machine and the cards shuffle themselves and you have to decide what to keep and throw away.

    With the poker craze abounding these days it would be a fun way for kids to enjoy learning to play the game without the addictive betting and drama involved.

    It does kind of remove the intense element of the game which takes it in the opporsite direction of true poker but hey....
    You Get To Pull the lever and spin to take your chances. Its like spinning the wheel of fortune and everyone still watcheds that right?

    Jack Barry and Cullen where excellent hosts.
  • Doing the "Russian Circus Goofy Win" dance!

    From 1972-78 either during the CBS years or the first year of syndication, whenever someone either won...

    1). The Joker's Jackpot

    2). Beating the Devil

    3). The $50,000 Tournament of Champions (which Frank Dillon did)

    Russian circus music would be heard (or as a friend of mine calls it, the Goofy win theme)! I would get up, kick my heals, do the Russian dance & shout HEY!

  • The Show Gets Much Better In The 80s.

    The 80s version of The Joker's Wild is really ahead of its time. I thought it was actually made in the 90s.

    The game shows in the 70s were very yellow. The show was first made by CBS, and then came back again for a new look, and then an even newer look much later.

    Unfortunately, Jack Barry died I think in 1984 and they realized that it was just too soon and too successful to end the show. They got Bill Cullen to host, but he was already the host of Hot Potato! They never even bothered to find a new host, and they just moved him to another show.

    I think he was better in Blockbusters and Hot Potato. They should have gotten Jim Peck, since he was already the host of The Joker's Wild.

    Shows like this one you just don't see anymore.
    Actually, Wheel Of Fortune's new look reminds me of The Joker's Wild 80s version.