The Jon Dore Television Show

The Comedy Network (ended 2009)


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  • The Jon Dore Television Show: a refreshing approach to comedic television that may be ahead of its time.

    Firstly, no matter what your preferences include with respect to television, this show should be watched at least once regardless. Those little clips shown for commercials aren't a very good portrayal of the show's essence, so don't judge on that. This show is so original and so funny, I'm surprised it isn't a national sensation. Jon Dore's deadpan delivery during authentic, professional interviews will have you laughing outloud, just as his breaking the fourth wall will. Of course, it's a bit blunt and gritty in its choice of topics, but it isn't overly fantastical either. I recently watched three episodes and couldn't remember watching a funnier episode of any other show. Sure Seinfeld made us chuckle, but Jon Dore makes you laugh. So with conceptual comedians like Jon Dore (and Sarah Silverman for that matter) I see hope for the future of comedy on television.
  • This show, although funny, shows the consistent problems that plague us older youths, and how many deal with it. He uses daily problems to bring humor to our lives to make us feel better.

    A Canadian who solves problems through humor. Some of these problems enclosed are; sterility, sexual transmitted infections, homelessness, phobias, drunkenness and smoking, and what ever other problem that we may have. Through the show he visits friends, doctors who he argues with(saying they're wrong and hes right), councilors for phobias, priest or ministers, children, teachers, etc, whom ever he visits hes sure to have an argument or disagreement. Why he argues we don't know. Maybe he likes to be difficult or maybe its for fun, he seems to like being an a******. Well, he is a comedian but thats no excuse. Anyways, the point is watch the show, its funny.