The Jon Dore Television Show - Season 1

The Comedy Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Loss and Roger
    Loss and Roger
    Episode 13
    In this series finale, originally set as episode twelve, deals with Jon as he tries to help his friend Roger, who has just lost his job. Jon, with his lack of hep, tries to get his friend back in the work force.
  • Loss
    Episode 12
    In this heartwarming episode, Jon vows to help his friend Bob who has just been fired from his job as an insurance salesman. First, Jon must learn what it means to lose something. After interviewing Steve, a Mohawk Canadian, about loss of land and culture Jon discovers the important role media can play in getting the attention of the right people. Jon thinks Bob can get the attention of his old bosses the same way greasy celebrities use the media to keep their careers alive. Jon demonstrates by making a sex tape, exposing himself in public and adopting children.moreless
  • Rage
    Episode 12
    After breaking up with his girlfriend, Jon realizes that he, like many people, has anger problems. Fearing that this could ruin his relation with others, Jon tries to learn how to control it. With his built up rage, Jon yells at a local in the apartment who says that he has a good voice. So they decide to start a metal band. Showing Jon that anger can be used for other stuff.moreless
  • Jonathan-A-Thon
    Episode 11
    After receiving a phone call, Jon learns that his friend Mark is in the hospital. When he arrives he finds that his friend has succumbed to alcohol poisoning. While talking, the spirit of his friend comes out and tells him that he had to pay for his ambulance. Jon feels that this is an absolute travesty and sets out to raise money for the drunk. He raises money so that no drunk should have to pay for his ambulance when hes had to much.moreless
  • Jon Gets Political
    Jon Gets Political
    Episode 10
    While reading a book, Jon recaps about his family. Where his grandfather made a contribution to society and wrote a book about grass, he than mentions how his mother was a doctor. Now its Jon's turn to make a difference in today's society.
  • Jon Gets Scared
    Jon Gets Scared
    Episode 9
    After waking up from a dream, we learn that Jon has become afraid of something. Because he can not stand it any more, he goes to look for some advice on how to stop being scared. Along the way he meets a person, who, like him, suffers from a fear.
  • Ready for Love
    Ready for Love
    Episode 8
    While looking at a picture, Jon remembers being told that he was going to die alone. When we return to the present, we see Jon upset at the fact that he is not married. Being afraid that he is going to die alone, Jon decides that he is going to go on some dates to find the person to spend his life with.moreless
  • Manly Man
    Manly Man
    Episode 7
    Man. Something that many boys grow up to be. But is Jon one. To learn if he is, Jon sets out and talks to various people about what made them a man. Where, in the end, Jon will know if he is a man.
  • Smoking
    Episode 6
    Addiction. At this point in his life, Jon realizes that he must quit smoking. However, when trying to quit, he learns that giving up an addiction isn't that simple.
  • STD
    Episode 5
    When Jon awakes from a nightmare, he believes himself to have an STD. Fearing this, Jon prepares himself for a test to find out. Along the way, Jon takes it upon himself to teach people about sex and its consequences.
  • Happiness
    Episode 4
    After Jon starts feeling down, he seeks the advice of his shrink. His shrink tells him to get out and do stuff. So Jon takes the advice and sets out to make himself happy again.
  • Fit
    Episode 3
    When Jon learns that he has the chance to star in a soft core adult film, he feels that he is unfit. To try and lose weight, Jon goes to a gym, where he tries to lose weight by boxing and exercising. Learning that working is to hard, he decides to get liposuction. In the end he realizes that its whats inside that counts.moreless
  • Problem Drinker
    Problem Drinker
    Episode 2
    After being caught urinating in a flower pot, Jon apologizes to the owner. While talking, the owner informs him that he may have an alcohol problem. After being told this information, Jon takes it upon himself to see if he truly is an alcoholic.
  • Fertility
    Episode 1
    In this season opener John is on a quest to find out if he can have children. After talking to his aunt about his testicle, which had not descended, he learns that he could be fertile. Fearing that he may not have the ability to spawn children, John goes to a local clinic to find out for sure.
    The main characters of this episode are; Jon(himself, Philip the sound guy, the writers room which features different people depending on the show, nurse, God, and more.