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MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)


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  • love your show

    You have a great team of reporters,have an idea for interview,how about PM Bebe Netanyahoo,maybe a road trip?Ratings would be fantastic do you think he would do it?
  • Talk show with the standard opening comedy bit with guest & a house band.

    I remember this show and if you watched it today you would know it came from the 90's. Jon would wear the classic 90's attire of a plaid shirt & jeans. But it was funny because of Jon Stewart. It didn't have the polish late shows have now but I would compare it to the early shows of Conan O'Brian. I kind of knew the show wouldn't last but I had hoped it would have lasted a little longer than it did. And then once The Arsenio Hall Show came along & had Bill Clinton as a guest, the show didn't stand a chance.