The Jonathan Winters Show

CBS (ended 1969)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • December 27, 1967
      Jonathan Winters opens his new show with guests Red Skelton, Barbara Eden, Ivan Dixon and the Doors. Regulars also appearing are Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis and the Paul Weston Orchestra. Musical Highlights: Jim Morrison and the Doors perform "Moonlight Drive" and "Light My Fire".
    • January 3, 1968
      January 3, 1968
      Episode 2
      Jonathan's guests are Barbara McNair, The Smothers Brothers and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Musical Highlights: Strawberry Alarm Clock performs "Incense and Peppermints" & "Tomorrow". Barbara McNair performs "Alfie" & "Once In A Lifetime". The Smothers Brothers perform "Apples, Peaches and Cherries". Comedy Skits: In a takeoff on no-holds-barred talk shows, Tom Smothers plays TV Host Vic Venom and Jonathan is Maynard E. Tetlinger, a prosmog advocate. Robert Banas dancers perform to "Mission: Impossible".moreless
    • January 10, 1968
      January 10, 1968
      Episode 3
      Jonathan's guests are comedienne Carol Burnett, singer Ed Ames and singing duo Peaches and Herb. Plus regulars Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis and the Paul Weston Orchestra. Comedy Skits: Jonathan and Carol spoof the film "A Man and a Woman". Jonathan plays a timourous husband facing a burglar in the basement. Elwood P. Suggins (Jonathan) begs a teenage runaway to return home. Musical Highlights: Ed sings "Luck, Be a Lady" and "When the Snow is on the Roses". Carol sings "What Did I Have". Peaches and Herb sings "Love is Strange" and "Two Little Children".moreless
    • January 17, 1968
      January 17, 1968
      Episode 4
      Jonathan's guest is Tony Bennett, Buddy Ebsen, Aretha Franklin and the rocking Union Gap. Regulars appearing are Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis and the Robert Banas Dancers. Comedy Skits: Jonathan portrays Maude Frickert, baby-sitter of the year. Jonathan portrays a 45 year old child up for adoption, (parents: Abby Dalton and Buddy Ebsen). Musical Highlights: Aretha sings "Chain of Fools".moreless
    • January 24, 1968
      January 24, 1968
      Episode 5
      Jonathan's guests are singer Nancy Sinatra, Daniel Boone star Fess Parker and the Young Saints. Also regulars Abby Dalton, Alice Ghostley and Paul Lynde. Comedy Skits: Jonathan portrays folk singer Bluebelly Willis and the menfolk spoof of "The Dirty Dozen".Musical Highlights: Choreographer Robert Banas joins Nancy for "Mama Goes Where Papa Goes". Nancy sings "Cryin' Time". The Young Saints perform "Feelin' Good" and "I Know a Place".moreless
    • January 31, 1968
      January 31, 1968
      Episode 6
      Jonathan's guests are Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, Mission: Impossible actors Martin Landau and his wife Barbara Bain and the King Cousins. Also regulars Abby Dalton and Dick Curtis. Comedy Skits: Jonathan portrays a husband battling a bratty niece and a plastic surgeon who has helped to beautify American and joins the Landaus to spoof Japanese films.moreless
    • February 7, 1968
      February 7, 1968
      Episode 7
      Jonathan's guests are singers Patti Page and Dorothy Louden plus the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. Skits: Jonathan Winters as city planner Howard T. Ganglinger lambasts urban decay. Jonathan and Abby are a married couple whose 10th anniversary celebration becomes a squabble. Jonathan and Dorothy spoof the film "Dr. Zhivago". Plus regulars Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis and Paul Lynde.moreless
    • February 14, 1968
      Jonathan's guests are Sally Field star of The Flying Nun and singer Lana Cantrell. Skits: Jonathan poses as Maude Bird Frickert, newest entry in the Presidential sweepstakes. In "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" spoof, Sally brings her parents startling news - her fiance is Jonathan!
    • February 21, 1968
      Jonathan's guests are He Said, She Said stars Richard Benjamin and his wife Paula Prentiss, singer Vic Damone and songstress Dusty Springfield. Skits: Marrieds Jonathan and Abby take opposing sides in another couple's divorce case. The movie spoof hits those flicks about the seedy South. Richard and Paula offer a satirical musical salute to New York. Music: Dusty sings "The Look of Love" & "Come Back to Me". Plus regulars Abby Dalton and Dick Curtis.moreless
    • February 28, 1968
      February 28, 1968
      Episode 10
      Jonathan's guests are Art Carney, Connie Francis and folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. Regular Performers: Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis, Paul Weston & his orchestra, the Robert Banas Dancers.
    • March 6, 1968
      March 6, 1968
      Episode 11
      Jonathan welcomes Ray Charles, Donna Jean Young and the Four King Cousins.
    • March 13, 1968
      March 13, 1968
      Episode 12
      Jonathan's guest is comedian Louis Nye. Skits: A "Face the Folks" skit with Jonathan Winters as "Granny Maude D. Frickert" and a skit with Louis Nye. Plus regulars Abby Dalton and Dick Curtis.
    • March 20, 1968
      March 20, 1968
      Episode 13
      Jonathan's guest is Minnie Pearl.
    • March 27, 1968
      March 27, 1968
      Episode 14
      Jonathan's guests are ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, Carmen McRae and Welsh singer Tom Jones. Plus regular performers: Abby Dalton, Dick Curtis, Paul Weston & his orchestra, the Robert Banas Dancers.
    • April 3, 1968
      April 3, 1968
      Episode 15
      Jonathan's guests are singer Peggy Lee, jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and comedian Louis Nye. Also regulars Abby Dalton and Dick Curtis.
    • April 17, 1968
      April 17, 1968
      Episode 16
      Jonathan's guests are Fran Jeffries and Jack Jones.
    • April 24, 1968
      April 24, 1968
      Episode 17
      Jonathan's guests are comedian Godfrey Cambridge, singer Bobbie Gentry, impressionist Marilyn Michaels and Daniel Boone star Fess Parker. Music: Bobbie Gentry sings "Louisiana Man". Bobbie Gentry performs "Sermon" (with dancers). Godfrey Cambridge and dancers performs "Comedy Tonight". Marilyn Michaels sings "All or Nothing at All". Comedy: Movie spoof: Godfrey plays a harassed teacher in "To Sir, With Lumps." Marilyn Michaels (impressionist) spoofs various female singers. Jonathan plays an over-the-hill Hollywood stuntman.moreless
  • Season 2