The Journey of Allen Strange

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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The Journey of Allen Strange

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This is the story of Allen Strange, an average everyday human teenager... okay maybe he's not average... maybe he's not human. Allen is actually an alien who was stranded on Earth, taking the form of a human teenager, he becomes friends with the Stevensons, Robbie and Josh. While keeping his secret, they teach Allen to live as a human and try to find ways for him to return home. Character Guide Allen Strange: Except for being from another planet, there's nothing that strange about Allen Strange. He stowed away on an intergalactic transport vessel on his home planet, Xela, and then got left behind on Earth. A genius by Earth standards, he can look human, and he can learn anything faster than you can open a textbook, (he picked up our language in a single day!) Sure Allen is homesick, but he likes our little blue planet, and he's made some really good friends. Who knows? Allen's mistake could end up being the best thing that ever happened to him. Robbie Stevenson: Robbie was the first human who reached out to help Allen, and she's become his best friend on Earth. Allen's lucky to have Robbie as his guide to his new planet--she's smart, she's independent and she can really keep a secret. Maybe Robbie and Allen are so close because they have something in common--they both know what it means to miss something. Allen misses his family back home on Xela, and Robbie misses her mom, who lives in San Francisco. Josh Stevenson: Josh is Robbie's younger brother. He's really into UFOs, so having an alien around the house is just about the coolest thing that could ever happen to him. He lives and breathes comic books, horror movies and TV shows about life in outer space. But Josh isn't living in a dream world. He's wired into the Internet and knows how to get things done. If you need information or a solution to a problem, Josh is your man. Currently appears: Nickelodeon Japan: 1:00 PM (Weekdays).moreless