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  • Season 1
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6

      Duvinder is taken to court. Eddie arrives at Johnnie's house and finds him passed out on the floor. Johnnie is concerned this means he will have to go back to rehab but Eddie tells him people slip a lot. The jurors arrive at court amidst the heaviest protesting yet. Elsie is not doing very well. Marcia and Ruby begin the road to recovery when Marcia calls her mother 'mum' and Ruby agrees to start again as a mother. Marion drops Peter off and gives him her father's number in case he wants to ring and ask what Michael wanted. Peter rips it up. Johnnie and Rose arrive but ignore each other. The jurors are led into the jury room and walk past the family of the victim, and the family of the accused.
      Peter tells the group that he wants to start with the evidence left out of the closing arguments, and that Haines should be ignored as he is not on trial. The shoulder ripped out of the socket may have meant that Duvinder couldn't commit the crime, but he kept playing cricket. Warren tells them that Sikh martial arts teach to fight with both hands and he could have used his left hand. Some jurors believe the wounds are too random, while others believe this is a result of the left hand being used. The jurors re-enact the crime in the jury room and Peter asks why the sword was left somewhere completely different to where Duvinder was, if he did it. They discuss the 11 minutes that there are no witnesses for and conclude that Duvinder would only have had a few minutes to stab John Maher 28 times. Charles doesn't believe the evidence is conclusive enough. Hector speaks up as he tells them he was bullied and the scars have followed him all his life. Jessica and Jeremy have had the same experience. Derek isn't surprised that everyone who thinks Duvinder is innocent was bullied themselves. Johnnie, however, was a bully. Rose, also, knows what it is like to be bullied by jealousy and possession but it doesn't mean she wants to kill her husband.
      The group begin discussing why they believe what they believe. Rose thinks it is Duvinder's calmness, Eva is sure it is his culture. Johnnie and Marcia defend the Sikh culture and claim Duvinder was confused and torn between being a Sikh and a regular English boy, which is why he threw away the turban and got his head shaved. Warren thinks it was because they were bloodstained. The Judge calls them in and tells them that, since a verdict has not been reached, he will accept a 10-2 or 11-1 vote.
      After a lunch break, Johnnie asks for Peter's opinion. Peter wants to remain impartial, but since they are getting nowhere he agrees to tell them. He finds compelling evidence that the boy is guilty, but it is not compelling enough to convict. He finds character evidence, but no hard evidence that Duvinder is innocent. He says, however, that they cannot convict if they do not have enough proof. He asks them to search in their heart (which some find ridiculous) and remember their first instinct. His first instinct was that Duvinder was a frightened little boy who could maybe have cut once or twice in anger, but not committed the carnage of twenty-eight wounds. Peter, therefore, believes he is innocent. Elsie thinks that if everyone's watches were not synchronized, that could make up for the time difference. Derek asks who did kill Maher, but Peter tells him that they are not trying to find that out.
      The jurors vote again. Johnnie, Marcia, Jeremy, Hector, Charles, Elsie, Jeremy and Peter vote not guilty. Warren joins them after a pause. Eva staunchly refuses to change her vote and Derek, a little less certainly, agrees. They realize Rose is the swing vote between a hung jury, and an innocent verdict. Johnnie wants to know why she has always believed Duvinder guilty and she says it is because she has spent six years with a man who people have felt sorry for, but who can still be extremely cruel. Johnnie asks her to listen to her instinct, and although Derek believes he is badgering her, she changes her vote to not guilty. Derek is not impressed as they have voted for a happy ending but not the right one. One by one, the jurors enter the court and Peter gives the verdict. The Maher brothers erupt in anger. Duvinder is discharged. Ron remains in a state of shock. As the verdict is made known, the protestors erupt.
      Cording and Lewis exit the courtroom leaving the jurors alone. None of them want to go out into the violence outside. Everyone hugs and shakes hands as they say goodbye. Peter is the last to leave and meets up with Marion and Michael outside. Michael tells him that he spoke to some schoolchildren who are certain the divers never went into the tunnel. Peter tells him to go away and Michael does, after saying that it will pray on his conscience until he realises Duvinder was guilty. Peter catches a last look at the boy and wonders if Michael is right. Johnnie catches up to Rose outside and she tells him she needs more time. She kisses him, and walks off.
      Later, the Singh family prepares to leave for the airport. Ron Maher is at their house with a gun, but does not kill Duvinder. He, himself, has a change of heart at the airport. Perhaps he believes the verdict, perhaps he is astonished at what he was going to do. Either way, as the plane takes off, Ron watches it and then shoots himself in the head.
      Rose packs her bags and says goodbye to Len. She tells him that she can no longer be locked away and hidden from the world, that she was always devoted, and that he will now have to cope on his own. She leaves him. Jeremy is at home, drinking. Fiona asks him what is wrong and he tells her. Mark Waters' stock has gone through the roof and is at an exceptionally high price. Unfortunately, he pulled out of the deal after he didn't trust Mark. Fiona is, at first, angry that he was ever going to risk their lives again but tells him that they will have to accept what they have and that their money is gone forever. They will never get it back. Peter arrives at the canal, and begins searching through the water. He searches for hours, determined to find the evidence, which he fears he may have got wrong.
      Six months later, the jurors reunite for Elsie's funeral. Charles – now a priest – gives the ceremony. He believes that it was an injustice that such a kind person should suffer, but Elsie gave her all to being at court and doing something for Duvinder, and them, even as she was dying. Afterward, Johnnie and Rose meet up. Johnnie is well on his way to being reformed, and Rose has her own salon. She gives him her number and he promises to call. Derek apologizes to Peter, he now believes Duvinder was innocent and he is sorry for having so little faith. Being worried, he asks Peter to confirm Duvinder was innocent and Peter does so.
      As the jurors leave the churchyard, Peter watches them go with a concerned look on his face. Did he give the right verdict? Or was Duvinder guilty all along?

    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      Ruby washes Joy in the bath as Marcia prepares to leave for the court. Jeremy drives his kids to school and watches as they run off in their ragged clothes without an umbrella, knowing he wants more for his boys. He phones Mark and agrees to the proposition. At court, the Maher boys are involved in the protest. Len drops Rose off and she notices the baseball bat in the car but he brushes it off as nothing. An injured Johnnie arrives. Lewis gives his closing argument to a packed courtroom. Len is there also, and watches Johnnie. Lewis tells the jury that both sides agree about what happened, and Duvinder cannot contest the mountain of evidence against him. The witnesses are uncontested – eleven unaccounted for minutes are put down to Duvinder having a change of heart but is this so? He begs them to return a guilty vote.

      Jeremy leaves the court and meets with Mark, handing over the deeds to the flat as security for the stock. He feels horrible, and contemplates taking it back. Charles meets with Father Gervase and tells him he will not be returning to the church. Gervase tells him to wait for a sign – he may feel uncertain, but that is common. He says that Charles is looking in the wrong place for a sign. Rose asks Johnnie what happened and he tells her someone bashed him with a baseball bat. She realizes it was Len. Cording's closing argument tells the jurors that they cannot guess and make inferences if they don't know what happened. He also reminds them about Haines and the police investigation. The Judge tells the jury that the evidence is all before them and they should try for a unanimous verdict. They are led to the jury room.

      Eva begins by announcing she wants to run for foreperson. Warren does also. More people vote for Eva and so she begins. The exhibits are brought into the jury room. But right from the beginning there are arguments. Elsie wants to have some tea but Eva wants everyone to wait for a break until halfway through the three hours they have left. Charles stands up for Elsie and Eva wants to stand down from foreperson if no one will listen. Eventually, everyone decides to have a preliminary vote in case they all agree. Eva, Warren, Derek and Rose vote guilty. Jessica, Marcia and Johnnie vote not guilty. Johnnie and Rose are surprised at each other's votes. Hector, Peter, Elsie, Jeremy and Charles abstain from voting.

      Eva asks the not guilty people why they vote as they did. Jessica believes Haines did it. Marcia discusses the race issue and Rose wonders why Haines' fingerprints were not on the sword. Rose and Johnnie are now arguing. Elsie is clearly not doing well. Later, everyone stops for a break and Charles tells them it was a bad idea to vote as no one is going to change their position. Eva tells Charles to be foreman if he is so good. She resigns from her position. They decide to elect a new person who can come up with a plan for order for the next day. Peter is elected by the others, without even asking to do it. The jurors agree to go home early and sleep on it.

      Rose hurries out of the court and tells Johnnie she is married and she thinks Len hurt him. He is rather annoyed at this. She tells him she just wanted to escape, be able to breathe, and be someone other than herself. He runs off, confused. At home, she asks her husband if he bashed Johnnie and he tells her he couldn't sit back and let his marriage be ruined. Rose tells him nothing happened, but it happened in her mind. She is tired of living with this possessive man and tells him she doesn't know if she can live with him any longer. Johnnie, angry, arrives at a pub and ends up passing out drunk in his apartment.

      Charles is staying at Elsie's. She tells him she wants him to give her his last rights. Charles realizes she is his sign – that he should become a priest. He tells her he will stay with her for the rest of her days. Peter is busy going over maps and looking up information about Sikhs when Michael arrives at the house. Marion refuses to let him in, even though he claims it is important. He tells her that he has found important evidence. Marion tells him that she is sick of him always trying to be the centre of attention in the family. She tells him to leave and he does so.

      At a pub, Ron Maher tells his sons that he wants vengeance just as badly, and if Duvinder is found innocent they will kill him.moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      Duvinder readies himself for the trial as a prison officer tells him how bad his day will be. Charles wakes in his hotel room and turns down the photo of Isobel. Jeremy watches a video from happier times, and knows he wants that life back. Marcia wakes in her old bedroom. She is surprised at how well her mother is looking after herself, but is not willing to be friendly. Rose is dropped off at court, but tells Len she can't meet him for lunch. Eddie and Johnnie run in the park. Eddie says that Johnnie should not have a relationship for a year, because he needs to stay sober and often people become obsessed with women during the disorienting, bewildering time after sobering up. Johnnie tells Eddie he is in love with Rose, Eddie tells him to leave it alone. As the jurors arrive at court, Peter and Marion pull up. Marion wants him to tell the Judge about the assault, but Peter does not want to cause a mistrial. Seeing how invigorated he is, Marion tells him that it doesn't matter. Lewis begins his cross-examination, starting off as harsh as he can. He quickly ascertains that Duvinder wanted to kill Maher, is sword-proficient and that Sikhs are a violent religion. Neither Cording nor Duvinder can do much to convince the jurors otherwise. What surprises them is when Duvinder confesses he seriously wounded a competitor in a sword-fighting competition who bullied others. As the court breaks for lunch, Cording meets outside with Shah. He tells Shah that the only way for Duvinder to win is if Maria de Silva testifies about her attack on the heath. Ron Maher tells his sons that Duvinder will certainly be found guilty now and they need not bother the jurors. The sons tell him they will do nothing, but will wait until Duvinder is in prison. Johnnie and Rose meet for lunch. Johnnie tells Rose what Eddie thinks about their relationship, and they both agree that Eddie is right. Rose tells him her situation is complicated also, and she could not get into a relationship with him. They hold hands, as an affirmation of friendship and Len, who has been watching, is angry. Michael convinces Marion to go to the court at lunch. Michael takes them to the canal, which Peter is not supposed to visit unless with the entire court as part of the trial. Michael points out that the main canal is not a great place to get rid of bloodstained clothes, as it is very public. He believes a small undercroft area that students use for smoking and hiding things would be a better place. It leads back into the river through a drainage system. Peter thinks this is ridiculous – the crime report states that 50 police scoured the area for 48 hours, they could not have missed the area. Michael is doubtful. Peter storms off, angry that he has been forced into doing something illegal during the course of a heavily publicized trial. Ranjit visits his son in prison. Duvinder breaks down and promises he didn't do it, he didn't want his father to suffer. Ranjit tells his son not to cry now, as it would embarrass the family. A prison guard watches but cannot understand, as they are not speaking English. As Duvinder is brought back to court, Cording receives the news he needs: Maria de Silva will testify. She tells the court how she was running through the heath when she tripped on a man lying down. He savagely attacked her with a stick and she ran away. She was severely affected by the attack and still bears scars – both physical and emotional. Her testimony is clearly effective in pleading Cording's case to the jury. A doctor who examined her on arrival at hospital tells the court that he examined de Silva's attack and found it contained many similarities to Maria's attack. The psychiatrist who treated de Silva's attacker, Thomas Haines, is brought into court. He claims Haines suffers from epilepsy, manic schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and is a severely sick human being. Despite Lewis' objections, the psychiatrist tells the court that Haines would – if he found a sword – be compelled to pick it up and use it. Cording receives rare permission to bring back a prosecution witness, Detective Chief Inspector Shand. Cording asks why no one ever connected Thomas Haines to John Maher's death considering the attack on Maria happened within 20 minutes of the attack on Maher, and in the same area. Shand says they had one suspect already, and had no need to arrest another one. Cording is critical of this, and it appears that the jury is on his side. Shand argues that the evidence against Duvinder is overwhelming. Cording retorts that the conspiracy against Duvinder is overwhelming. With this new evidence, there are the usual complaints from the victim's family, and court is adjourned for the day. The protests are continuing as Marcia, Rose, Peter and the other jurors head home. Jeremy goes to meet Mark, and tells him Fiona would not like it if she found out. Mark tells Jeremy about his family, all of whom suffer from diabetes. Mark has always hated having to give his young children painful needles. A Company in Japan is selling a less painful method, which is about to enter the market, and Mark wants Jeremy to get involved, in what he insists will be high-profit and successful. Jeremy refuses because of what happened last time. Mark leaves, saying he only wanted to help, and Jeremy is left alone to ponder how desperately he wants his old life back. Johnnie attends his AA meeting, and afterwards, informs Eddie that his chances with Rose are gone. Eddie tells him that the right choice was made; however he may feel now. The rewards in the end will be great. Johnnie leaves the church, and Len, sitting in a car across the road, watches him go. Charles goes to see Elsie, and they go for a walk. He explains that he was too self-absorbed to listen to her before but now he understands that she wanted to talk. Elsie tells him that she has a brain tumor and needs to have surgery. Charles promises to come with her, as her son, so she can have someone for company. Elsie tells him that she had a son but had to give him up. She always wanted to be near him and has spent her entire life wanting to know where he is, and how he is doing. Charles tells her that he wants to hear the whole story. Johnnie arrives home to find his house unlocked. Inside, a hooded man bashes him with a baseball bat and walks off. It is Len.moreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      Duvinder's father prays as his son is taken to court. Rose wakes and attempts not to wake her husband. She packs her bag with the clothes she plans to change into, but doesn't realize Len has seen her. He cancels his appointments at work and follows her to the trial. He enters the court and sees her sitting with Johnnie.

      Jeremy's son notices the bruises on his father's hand. He admits to his wife that he punched Mark and she is happy.

      Marcia gets her glass fixed and continues fighting with her mother, who wants them to come and stay with her for the duration of the trial. Marcia refuses, because she was put into care as a child and doesn't want to have to return to her mother's home which could be in any kind of state. A package arrives and inside it is a dead rat, a drawing of Duvinder being hanged and the word ‘GUILTY'.

      Marcia goes to see the Judge and, on learning that the only other option is to call a mistrial, agrees to stay on and live with her mother until the trial is over. She is not allowed to tell the other jurors of what has happened. The Judge decides to inform the police and informs the lawyers that if any other juror is threatened, a mistrial will be called. Neither lawyer wants this – Cording wants to get Duvinder out of jail, and Lewis has personal needs to attend to. It is clear that there is a friendly rivalry between them.

      Court resumes. Lewis calls his last witness – Dr. Emma McGlade, a forensic pathologist. She tells him that the loss of blood would have caused immediate death and she estimates the time of death at 9 AM, same as the others have. The wounds are, she believes, consistent with the sword but it is unusual that the blows came from a variety of angles. This means either there was more than one assailant or that the attacker had great strength and martial arts training. She says that it was a random, frenzied attack but is unsure that it was someone with a lot of anger toward that particular person. Cording cross-examines her and claims that she is not an expert on martial arts and it could very well be a random and wild assault. Cording tells her something she doesn't know – Duvinder had been inflicted with an injury of his right shoulder and did not have the strength to complete one overhead swing, let alone several. The injury was caused by the victim, John Maher, himself. The prosecution rests their case. Rose and Johnnie head to lunch at their café. She tells him that she wants to forget what is home for a few hours. Johnnie believes that all the jurors want to escape – if they had a happy home life, they would find a way to get out of doing jury duty. Rose believes they may just feel it is right to do service, or they may just be curious. Johnnie tells her that they are all bored and unfulfilled and they want change, escape, adventure and rescue. They kiss at the table, once only. Len sees them do this and walks off. Charles finds Isobel. He asks why she didn't tell him she was with Sebastian and Isobel tells him how bad she felt when he left her for God. He wants to come back to her, but she tells him it is too late. Elsie meets with her doctor, who is a Sikh. Discussing the trial, she tells him that she thinks the boy is innocent but does not tell him she is a juror. Dr. Nirmal asks her if she has any blood relations – she may need a transplant. Cording and his second-in-command, Mr. De Jersey, meet with Duvinder. He is going to tell his evidence in the afternoon session, but he worries that they have lost the trial. Cording informs him that a psychopath named Thomas Haines was arrested for an attack on the heath the day before Maher's death. A jogger, Maria de Silva, who was assaulted on the same day as Maher, has identified Haines as the man who assaulted her. He was on the heath that day and could very well have been the one who killed Maher. Cording's assistant, Tariq Shah, meets with the woman but she refuses to go to court and prove the link. Duvinder takes the stand, against much protesting by John Maher's brothers. After establishing his good character, Cording asks him about his life. Duvinder admits that Maher and his friends had bullied him at school for years. They were very violent to him, and once pulled his arm out of his socket to stop him playing cricket. Clearly, all the jurors are affected by this. Duvinder admits that he got asthma, his results in school dropped and he was wetting his bed. He tells how he stole the sword, went to the heath and waited for Maher. However, he had an attack of conscience, dropped the sword and ran off. Duvinder threw away his school clothes, into the river, and removed his turban and had his hair cut – to distance himself from why he had been bullied. Unknowingly, he removed the shirt – the only evidence that would prove his innocence, if it had no blood on it. He denies killing Maher. The Judge suggests leaving Lewis' cross-examination until morning and court adjourns.

      Mark catches up to Jeremy as he leaves, suggesting a way to get his money back. Jeremy refuses to listen but Mark gives him his card and says that he won't be at the court anymore, as his trial is over but Jeremy should call him.

      Len follows Johnnie home and takes note of his address. That night, he and Rose have a candlelight dinner. They discuss unfaithful wives, but Rose tells him people often examine other people but usually realise just how lucky they are.

      Peter and Marion prepare to have a dinner without Marion's parents, but they arrive at the door. Marion's father thinks Duvinder is guilty and that juries are unnecessary as all they do is add in emotions, instinct and intuition. He thinks that magistrates should go by evidence alone. He also wants to play detective by finding the uniform. Peter thinks it will not be found unless the entire canal was drained. As they leave, Marion's mother apologizes for barging in. Outside, they find Peter's car has been vandalised and the word ‘GUILTY' has been written on it. The Maher brothers have found their next target…moreless
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      As the second day of the highly publicized trial begins, the jurors encounter the media hype and Duvinder suffers abuse from one of the prison wardens.

      After a sleepless night, Jeremy finally tells his wife Fiona that he came face to face with Mark Waters – the man who caused them financial ruin and wrecked their lives. She is equally as thirsty for revenge. Marcia reluctantly calls her mother back in and stresses to her the routine Joy follows each day. The priests at the seminary pray for Charles, who is getting further away from the priesthood as he spends every court break calling people to try and find Isobel. Elsie begins feeling a pain in her forehead as she arrives. Rose and Johnnie greet each other as the morning session begins.

      Lewis' harsh prosecution continues as he gathers evidence from people who saw Duvinder on the morning of the murder. They support the theory that Duvinder stole a sword from a Sikh temple, hurried along to the heath where he waited for Maher and killed him. Afterwards, it appears, Duvinder threw his uniform into the river, shaved off his hair and attempted to catch a train away where he was apprehended. Lewis shows the jurors pictures of the dead body which was found by a woman walking her dog. QC Cording attempts to rebut the witnesses but the jurors pre-conceptions are going to be hard to change.

      As the court is adjourned for lunch, Rose and Johnnie decide to get away from the courtrooms. In a quiet café, the conversation soon turns away from the trial and towards them. It is clear that a mutual attraction is growing. Jeremy sees Mark in the crowd and punches him hard. On recognition, Mark admits he is in the wrong and does not press charges. The two men go to eat where Mark admits he knew the stock was going to fall but never got around to telling Jeremy to sell. Elsie eats with Charles, who tells her why he does not want to be a priest – he believes that priests are not qualified to counsel people as they are twisted with regret about the decisions they made.

      As court returns, Lewis calls a paramedic who informs the jurors of the wounds on Maher's body. A lollipop man testifies that he saw blood on Duvinder's shirt as he ran past. But was it just Duvinder's red school tie? A policeman testifies that Duvinder was calm after he was arrested and not once tried to proclaim his innocence or explain why he was on the heath.

      After court adjourns, Cording and his aides speak to Duvinder's parents. They have two helpful pieces of evidence. One is a school counselor, who Duvinder spoke to often. She is willing to testify to his good character. The other is an assault that occurred on the heath the same morning, which was never linked to Maher's death but could reveal another suspect. However, Duvinder's parents are more interested in the fact that their son was seeing a counselor.

      Elsie heads to the doctor. Her regular doctor is away and she is given a Pakistani instead. He informs her that she will need to undergo surgery, which can be fit in around her jury hours. She has no-one to accompany her there.

      Charles hurries off to see his old friend Sebastian, whom he used to work for, in the hope of finding his one true love. At first, Sebastian thinks that Charles is looking for his job back but Charles tells him the truth - he wants to get back together with Isobel, whom he walked out on. However the news is not what he expected – Sebastian and Isobel are now seeing each other.

      Johnnie and Rose farewell each other and head home separately. While Johnnie prays, Rose cooks for her husband. He finds other clothes in her bag and is suspicious.

      The Maher boys gather pictures of all the jurors and decide Marcia is the first one they will pressure into providing a verdict of guilty.

      Peter's wife celebrates her birthday but once again the conversation turns to Peter's trial. As they discuss the information, Marion's parents fancy themselves amateur detectives and begin investigating the evidence.

      Marcia returns home to find that Ruby completely changed Joy's routine and has left the house messy but the babysitter is still sick and Marcia has no choice but to keep her around. Later that night, a brick smashes through Marcia's window and she receives a phone call telling her that, for the sake of her family, she had better vote guilty.moreless
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      15 year old John Maher is dead, the victim of twenty-eight well-placed stab wounds. His Sikh classmate, Duvinder Singh, is accused of the shocking murder.

      The 12 jurors prepare themselves for the trial. Charles Gore is having a welcome break from the Seminary where he is training for the priesthood. As he leaves for the Old Bailey Courthouse, he is told that this is his last chance – when he returns, he must either be committed to the priesthood, or leave for good. On arrival in court, he makes friends with Elsie Beamish, a 60-year-old loner. She is pleased to hear he is training to be a priest, but he would rather be reunited with Isobel, the lover he walked out on long ago.

      Johnnie Donne has just left rehab for his alcohol problems. His mentor Eddie Fannon believes that jury service will be good for him. On arrival at court, Johnnie makes friends with fellow juror Rose Davies. She has decided that, whilst at court, she will have a change of look to distance her from the life at home with her paranoid, claustrophobic and recently paralyzed husband Len. Their happy marriage has been shattered by a recent car accident. Both Rose and Johnnie have memories that haunt them, and from which they long to be free.

      As Jeremy Crawford arrives, he recognises a man working on another trial. Confused, he follows the man home and discovers it is indeed his estranged friend Mark Waters.

      Peter Segal prepares for the trial – which he believes is a great honour – but is disappointed to learn that his wife, Marion's, parents are coming to dinner that night. Peter has always had a strained relationship with his parents-in-law, particularly because of their aversion to his being Jewish.

      Marcia Thomas, a young single mother to toddler Joy, is distraught when her babysitter falls sick and she has no choice but to call in her estranged mother Ruby.

      The media hype surrounding the case has already begun as the other five jurors - Eva, Derek, Warren, Jessia and Hector - arrive. Eggs are thrown at the prison truck as Duvinder is brought to the court. Duvinder comes face to face with the family of the murdered boy, who immediately begin calling insults out. Gerald Lewis Q.C begins his case by summing up his version of events. He tells the jurors that Duvinder undoubtedly murdered John and his evidence will leave no other explanation. Certainly it seems that he has a strong case. His opponent, Q.C George Cording watches and waits as he prepares his defense. The prejudice continues to invade the courtroom, as no sooner is the judge out of the door than the Maher family members again begin to threaten Duvinder.

      The jurors leave for the day. Rose and Johnnie are flirting before Rose changes her clothes and hurries home and Johnnie heads to his AA meeting. Charles finds himself the cheapest hotel room he can find and continues searching for Isobel.

      Marcia is thankful that the day is over, and hopes that the babysitter will be well again so she does not have to leave Joy with Ruby anymore. That night at dinner, Peter's in-laws show an interest in the case and, although he is forbidden to discuss it, he can't help himself and he is soon telling them all he knows.

      John Maher's brothers – Ally and Chris – are determined to get revenge on Duvinder now. However their father, Ron, knows that they can't cause trouble quite yet. He tells them to wait for a guilty verdict before they do anything, but the brothers have already decided to not only punish Duvinder, but also ‘lean' on the jurors to ensure the verdict goes their way.

      Duvinder wakes, sweaty and crying, in his prison cell – horrified over the events of the trial. Or is there another reason?moreless