The Jury

FOX (ended 2004)


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  • A better than average show. Surprisingly good. Crisp. Character well done.

    Okay -- I watched for the producer. Actually the show was very well done and I will turn in again. The writing was what I expected. The actoring above par and I was reluctant with Kerr as an attorney. He did a good job but Victor proved exceptional. What I especially liked about this show as the fact we saw the trial and the shadow jury and how they counteracted the bad. The ending is very well done as we actually see if the murder happened as portrayed.
  • The Jury wasn\'t like every other crime drama. Instead of focusing on the attorny\'s or cops, this show focused on the jury members. Making it unique and entertaining.

    Each week a new case with a new set of jury members to determine the verdict. The viewers at home could really get into an hour of this. They could watch the episode and learn all the details of what happened, then at the end the viewers got to vote if the deffendent was guilty or not. It actually drew you in, unlike any other show. Let us do something, let us have a chance to change the outcome. Of what we thought happened and how the person should be punished. If FOX renewed it for a second season, the writers could have given it some fine tuning and wrote better stories, maybe even taken some from the headlines. This would have made it even better, but sadly FOX never gave it that chance and cancelled it like it does all of it\'s great shows.
  • Each week, a different case, and a different set of twelve angry people.

    With all of the lawyer shows on television, and all of the shows about judges, it was only a matter of time until one of the most famous made-for-TV movies of all time (Twelve Angry Men) was used as the form for a regular series. It was a good series. Twelve different individuals, locked in a room, trying to decide guilt or innocence. Sometimes things are sedate, other times the jurors are at each others' throats. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don't, sometimes they don't get the chance. Everything comes down to twelve of the defendant's peers, and that's all that matters.