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  • Season 1
    • Valhallen's Room
      Valhallen's Room
      Episode 1
      When Valhallen loses his "axe," his "mystic instrument of might," Major Glory and Krunk search his room and find it in a most unexpected place.
    • Krunk's Date
      Krunk's Date
      Episode 2
      Krunk falls in love with nemesis Comrade Red's sidekick, She Thing. When their love affair is cut short, Kunk is inconsolable.
    • Say Uncle Sam
      Say Uncle Sam
      Episode 3
      Major Glory trains Krunk and Valhallen to be consummate gentlemen because his Uncle Sam, who has a history of expecting nothing less than perfection, is coming to visit.
    • Ratman
      Episode 4
      After stuffing the commode full of household objects, Krunk and Valhallen go down to the basement to try and fix it. They meet up with Ratman, who fixes the problem, and hire him as a Justice Friend.
    • Can't Nap
      Can't Nap
      Episode 5
      When Metal Mouse steals Valhallen's axe, White Tiger retrieves it. Valhallen brings White Tiger home to stay and the cat man claws up the place up.
    • TV Super Pals
      TV Super Pals
      Episode 6
      Krunk, Valhallen, and Major Glory have trouble deciding what to watch on TV.
    • Things That Go Bonk In The Night
      Krunk has been watching a Puppet marathon on TV for four days straight. When he finally falls asleep, he dreams of joining them in their world.
    • Bee Where?
      Bee Where?
      Episode 8
      When there's a bee on the loose in the Justice Friends' apartment, Major Gory, Valhallen and Krunk freak out. Initiating Operation Sting.
    • Pain In The Mouth
      Krunk gets a tortilla chip stuck in his tooth, but rather than take him to the dentist, Major Glory decides to pull it out himself.