The Kennedys

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  • About the series

    It had was excellent minseries. It had great hairstyling, makeup and acting for Barry Pepper.
  • This mini-series had the potential to be excellent. Unfortunately, it never even came close.

    Telling a story as mamouth as that of the Kennedy family with all the plots, counter plots and intrigues surrounding them is a tall order for any film maker. Casting and script writing is equally challenging. The problem with this mini-series was that for everything that was done correctly and portrayed correctly, at least ten things were incorrect or just out and out rubbish. I think this is a terrible shame. A story as rich and in-depth as this one should be told properly, warts and all. Of course, don't gloss over the negative things, but don't completely ignore the positive in the quest for dramatic effect either.

    The scripts must have been appallingly researched because accuracy was obviously not a high priority. The casting and acting was equally bad, and given the cost of making this production, it should have been so much better.

    Having said that, the costumes were authentic even if only one or two of the accents were. I really wanted to like this mini-series but I found that my intelligence was insulted by most of it, with exception of the performance of Greg Kinnear who performed credibly as John F. Kennedy.