The Kenny Everett Television Show

Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 1-9

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1982 on BBC

Episode Recap

Other guests on this show included Noel Edmonds, actress Susan George, Lulu, Billy Connelly, Bob Geldof and comedians Cannon & Ball.

All four ABBA members appear standing together for three very short clips which appeared in between the comedy sketches on the show and one clip after the final credits. The first sketch only was also repeated on 30th June 1982 in a summer "Best of" Special with new links from Kenny.

Full running time of the show 27:06 (ABBA clips are just moments each)

First ABBA clip:

All: Hello, we're ABBA. Kenny Everett asked us to be on his show tonight but we said No!

Second ABBA clip:

And now something else ...

Third ABBA clip:

All: And now this (pointing) ...

Fourth ABBA clip (after end credits):

Björn: What is this show we're watching?

Agnetha: It's the Kenny Everett Television Show

Frida: Are we on it?

Benny: No

All: Thank God!

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