The Kid Super Power Hour

NBC (ended 1982)


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  • Lame Saturday Morning show

    One of the worst Saturday morning kid shows ever. Jokes were lame. Only one Shazam cartoon. Bad show!
  • A comedy/variety show built around the old "Shazam" cartoon series.

    I have dim memories of this show, but I obviously liked it enough at one time to create back stories for all the characters and give them adventures for after the show was gone. The series was basically this: a group of actors would play superheroes in live segments, sometimes pretending to play instruments, and lend their voices to accompany a cartoon that played alongside old "Shazam" cartoons. Truth be told, the cartoons were the comical and humorous "superhero" adventures of Captain Marvel, owned by DC Comics, but Marvel Comics had the rights to the name so the character could only appear under the name of his mentor. The show was actually a very cheesy and dated version of old Sixties and Seventies superhero fluff before costumed crimefighters became cool. The series is only best for nostalgia, but to kids, it was almost as good as the real thing before the money became available to really make a man fly.
  • Filmation tried, but failed.

    True, Filmation originally had planned to have the Archie characters to become Super Archies (Misty & Punk Rock would be the outside characters), but lost the rights from Radio Comics to do so. So they had to re-do the characters in the process.

    The live action segments had one song of the week & three sketches filled with corny jokes ala Laugh In or Hee Haw, you choose.

    Of the seven stars, only Maylo McCaslin would strike gold. She married Willie Aames in 1986 & became part of his Bibleman series. You might even say, Dirty Trixie dumped Rex Ruthless & married Bibleman (LOL)!
  • Hero High reminds me of Riverdale High

    I don\'t remember much about Shazzam, but I have a strong memory of \"Hero High.\" It just another attempt by Filmmation to deag another Archie clone though the mud. It\'s like watching the Archies are dressed up in their costume and flying all over the place. And it\'s gets worse. There\'s a live animation segment where the same heroes played by actors who should be doing something swapping job what won\'t see the light of day on \"Laugh-In.\" I would love to comment on \"shazzam\" but I turn the set off or change the channel every time I see \"Hero High.\"
  • huh

    was this the show where in between the cartoons you had actors dressed up as super heroes playing stupid songs in a band? if it is i remember it a little. i do remember the shazam cartoon. i have often wondered why it does not get replayed on boomerang. i guess i may never know.