The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1989 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • In the "House Rules" sketch, you can see that the rain is only a straight line in front of the home, except for where it hits Kevin.

    • In the "Asshole" sketch, you can see Scott almost break character and laugh when Kevin goes on his rant.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: I can't stay in bed Martha. I gotta get on and plant the sheep. If we don't get ourselves a good crop of wool this year, we're gonna lose the farm.
      Kevin: Don't worry, Frank Jr. will... plant the sheep.
      Scott: Frank Jr? He's just a little girl.
      Kevin: I know, but it's about time she became a man.

    • Bruce:
      Chorus: "These are the Daves I know, I know
      These are the Daves I know
      These are the Daves I know, I know
      These are the Daves I know"

      David Hoffman
      He works in my dad's store
      He's worked here for 12 years
      He'll probably work here for more
      Dave Gort
      I've known since I was six
      In grade eight he broke his leg
      So we got drunk and sick
      Some of them are Davids
      Dave Gort: But most of us are Daves
      They all have their own hands
      But they come from different moms
      Dave Jadiski
      Man, this cat can swing
      He weighs almost 50 pounds
      And he delivers my paper on time
      Dave Capisano
      I hardly know him...
      (Repeat Chorus & Varients)

    • Dave: Is that pie I smell?
      Bruce: No, that's the smell of my daddy dyin'!

  • Notes

    • Yes, that is Mark in the Grim Reaper suit.

    • The County Doctor was supposed to be in Episode 5, but was bumped up a week in advance after the "Naked For Jesus" remake was taken out.

    • One of the Daves Bruce knows works in his dad's store. His dad actually does have a furniture store. I don't know whether a Dave works there...

    • In the "Asshole" sketch, one of the movies they talk about is "High Stakes". Coincidentally, Dave Foley actually starred in another movie by the same name. A comedy which came out 3 years before The Kids In The Hall, and before this other "High Stakes"

  • Allusions

    • Kevin: He said he'd get here as soon as All Creatures Great and Small was over.
      A funny reference to the BBC show of the same name, All Creatures Great and Small. The show lasted 12 years before it finally ended in November of 1990, about one year after the skit this reference appears in was aired.

    • Asshole: Movie References
      This sketch makes several references to films, such as the 1989 version of High Stakes, Interiors and several other Woody Allen films.