The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1990 on 60 Frames



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    • Kevin: Uh, hi, little Donny? Hi. How ya doin', kid? It's your Uncle Barry. How's it goin', tiger? Good you hear it, good- (Outburst) Donny, your Daddy's dead! He's dead, Donny! He's dead!

    • Kevin: I'm not fat! (Gets out of car)
      Dave: Yeah, go shout it from the mountain! Wait a minute! You are the mountain! (Starts the care moving) God, I hate fat people. I hate what it says about their personality. Why, would you look at that truck. (Sticks head out window) Hey! Why don't you get that fat thing off the road, ya fat bastard! (Honks) Jeez.

    • Scott: You want somethin' for nothin'? Go to hell. Cuz it's all about this my friend. You don't got this, ya got squat.
      Mark: Hey! Shut up, man! Geez. Shut. Up. (To audience) This has always been a lonely city. I know it. These are the signs of loneliness. One man drinking contests. (Cut to Scott drinking). Hookers working for free.(Cut to Kevin showing he has no money and the whore pulling him up from his seat by his tie....Kevin acts suprised.) Any bachelor on a bar phone. (Cut to Dave)
      Dave: I think you should come down. I think you should. Why? Because it's happy hour; that's why.
      Mark: But what really gets to me is babies... eating alone.

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