The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1990 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the "Darcey Pennell" sketch, you can see Kevin almost start to laugh trying to say Dave's character name. This was probably caused from the improv they did on the show (See Notes Above).

    • Look at the inside of the Headcrusher's home, and compare it to the outside. The widows are closer together inside than outside. They were filmed in two different places.

    • You can see where Mark's fake sideburns start in the "Crushing Girlfriend" skit.

    • In the "Middle" sketch, Dave almost laughs several times, especially when he's getting slapped. Look for him smiling when getting hit by Bruce.

    • In the "Boo!" sketch, Scott hits a bunch of keys that don't appear in the final text of his 2nd book.

  • Quotes

    • (Cut to the middle of a sketch Kevin wrote, Bruce in a balerina outfit, and Dave in swinning gear)
      Bruce: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. (Slapping Dave with each "Stop it") I've gotta stop you and your revolutionaries from taking over this country.
      Dave: No, it is I who will stop you and your revolutionaries from taking over this country.
      Mark: (Runs in shotting guns off in a sheriff's outfit) Hell, both of you stop it. Don't you guys remember what happened last time? (Turns around to see dog dangling in a harness) Oh, mornin' Mr. Mayor, how are ya, anyway? I see you're back. Thought you weren't comin' back 'til Tuesday. That's what I thought, cuz, that's what I heard, yea...

  • Notes

    • The "Dracula" sketch was almost cut from the show alltogether due to the content, but managed to get by the cencors at HBO.

    • Due to the content, the "Mass Murderer" sketch was cut from syndication on Comedy Central after airing only once.

    • Yes, that is Kevin's mother.

    • The finale to the "Darcey Pennell" sketch was improvised, because the audience wasn't liking it. Scott didn't have time to change between skits, and just dowsed water on his head for the rain line. When the spike line died, he jumped into the Leaf's story. After that, the rest was improved on the spot between him, Kevin and Dave. The only script line used after that was Kevin's goodbye line for Darcey and the theme music.

    • The "B&K" sketch was removed from syndication due to content.

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