The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown May 08, 1990 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • You can tell the wall was sprayed with fire-retardant before the "Owww" sketch started. When Mark lights the picture on fire, only the picture burns.

    • In the "Car Ride" skit, Bruce keeps passing by the same area three times with the train tracks along the side.

    • Dave and Kevin's shirts never change in the "Cat's Away" skit.

    • In the "Hey Baby" skit, you can see Dave start to laugh, but catch himself before he does it.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: Well. Do you remember that girl you hired?
      Dave: No.
      Scott: The French girl.
      Dave: No.
      Scott: From accounting.
      Dave: No.
      Scott: Monique.
      Dave: Yeah.
      Scott: Well. It appears that Monique has been burning things.
      Dave: Oww, what things?
      Scott: Big things.
      Dave: Well how big?
      Scott: Cars. Buildings. Branch plants.
      Dave: Owww, why does she do that?
      Scott: Because she's a pyromaniac. And sir - you hired her.
      Dave: Oh, so what if I did? Everyone likes a fire. And it's Christmas.
      Scott: Sir, we can't afford to employ an arsonist. We're an insurance company.

    • Dave: Popular music has been on the wane since 1974, the year of the first Bad Company release.
      Bruce: I have that album.
      Dave: Ha ha ha, of course you do Bob. You see poor live performances by the likes of Chuck Berry and even Jerry Lee Lewis are destroying the music that they alledge to celebrate. And tests show that a Beach Boys concert is a very sad thing. This coupled with the growing interest in ethnic music has undermined the support base of the music that you and your friends love.

  • Notes

    • Mark McKinney said he had a very high fever during the filming of the Owww sketch.

    • The "Car Ride" skit was cut from the syndicated version of the show, but for some odd reason remained a part of episode #121, the "Best Of" episode.

    • Cities the two guys hit: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Baton Rouge, and Cape Cod.

    • The two Tarantulas are Kevin and Dave, but it hasn't been told which is which.

    • The "Mutilated" sketch was cut from the syndicated versio due to content. It's one of the few skits that the Kids fought Comedy Central to keep, but lost in the end.

    • In the "Can't Kill Rock" sketch, The teacher's name is Mr. Gorgenchuck. This name would be used later in the series in a few other sketches.

  • Allusions

    • Skit: Island Boys
      Amoung the many references made in this skit are those towards The Beach Boys, Gandhi, and Jaws.