The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Unknown May 22, 1990 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • The paperwork moves around on the Banker's desk without Scott touching the paper.

    • In the "Citizen Kane" sketch, Dave's character has a fake hand, which is later stabbed by Kevin's character. Knowing this, if you watch his hand right from the beginning, you notice it never moves from it's one spot. Dave says he tried covering it a little a couple of times, so people wouldn't notice.

    • In the "Car Ride" skit, Bruce keeps passing by the same area three times with the train tracks along the side.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: You're making a fool of yourself in front of everyone, alright? Would you please take the knife out? Take the damn knife out! (Kevin finally complies. Dave clutches his wounded hand) Ow! Oh geez. Listen, um, would you mind just calling me a-- uh . . . oh, what are they called? A uh . . .
      Kevin: An ambulance?
      Dave: No. No, I want a uh . . . a um . . .
      Kevin: Do you want two guys in a van to come take care of your hand and bring you to a hospital?
      Dave: Yes. Exactly, yes.
      Kevin: Then you want an ambulance.
      Dave: No I don't! I want a . . . uh . . .
      Kevin: It's an ambulance.
      Dave: No it isn't!
      Kevin: You want an ambulance.
      Dave: Sh!
      Kevin: It's an ambulance.
      Dave: Sh! It's a . . . uh . . .
      Kevin: No, you know what you want? (Picks up his steak knife and drives it repeatedly into Dave's chest) You want a mortician! You want a mortician! You want a mortician! YOU WANT A MORTICIAN!! (Slumps Dave's dead body over the table) This one is on me. Check please!

  • Notes

    • In order for Kevin and Dave to hang from the "tree limb," they both had to wear a harnes, with the wire running up the rope. Dave got a ropeborn from being hung wrong.

    • This episode features the famous "Citizen Kane" sketch that has been a staple of the KITH tours and performances for years. Also, watch closely, Kevin uses 2 knives. He throws the steak knife off the table so he doesn't mix them up and accidentally stabs Dave.

    • The "Car Ride" skit was cut from the syndicated version of the show, but for some odd reason remained a part of episode #121, the "Best Of" episode.

    • This is the compilation episode of the best of Season 1. It was billed as the Season 1 finale. It appears on the Season 1 DVD as "Season 1 Favorites."

  • Allusions

    • Skit: Citizen Kane
      This skit is in obvious reference to what has been referred to as the greatest film of all time, Citizen Kane.