The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1990 on 60 Frames

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  • Funny Stuff

    I've watched it yesterday while I was at the museum. It started out with the cops doing the Canadian National Anthem with their guns. It didn't show that sketch when it aired on Comedy Central back in the 90's,just went straight to the intro. The funniest sketch was the French Fur Trappers when they beat and injure people at the office with their canoe. The audience reaction was wild including me.LOL.Then Cabbage Head tries to get lucky with three women then cries like a punk. Next,this dude is getting fired for no reason. It's a recurring sketch. Then there's a guy with a swollen toe. Nasty. Then,there's the first Simon and Hecubus sketch. How the hell that Simon asked a question if his partner seen 'Presumed Innocent'? It must have been rushed during production.I've seen that film before with Harrison Ford when it was released that summer of 1990. Then there's Buddy Cole managing a women's softball team. I used to laugh at it back then. I won't say anything about it,but it was funny. I was watching it at the museum and it showed the Canadian airing including commercial breaks. Funny stuff.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes of this season! It had at least 3 sketches from the best of episodes.

    This is only the second episode of season 2 but it was so superb and well done! I liked the ones with the business suit trappers and the 3-part segment with a guy named Chris trying to look for a job was great! I would've given it a 10 if it didn't have that loner sketch in it. It was okay but it made me feel funny as I watched it. This was probably one of the best Buddy Cole appearences in the whole season! That was really cool what Buddy did after he made a home run and while he was going through the bases! But my favorite part of the episode was the Simon and Hecubus skit. I'm glad that Dave was Hecubus and not Kevin. It was really funny when Dave as Hecubus said "I am ready to serve you master, AAANND SATAN!" So overall, this episode pretty much kicked ass.
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