The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1990 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • In the "Girls Of Summer" sketch, you can see where they put a small bit of dry ice in Scott's glove for the smoke effect. Also, the special effect of the shooting ball was used twice. Once forward, and then in reverse.

    • The movie "Presumed Innocent" had been released months before the "Simon & Hecubus" sketch aired, yet it's in the newspaper. Proof that they filmed some of their material over the summer of 1990.

    • In the "It's Not Working Out #1" sketch, you can see they put Scott in slow-motion when he's closing his eyelids.

    • In the "Trapper" sketch, you can see the wheels on the cannoe when they're going down the street.

  • Quotes

    • Jacques: (as their canoe is moored to the clothier's storefront, the trappers proudly display their "pelts") We have some Fendi, and some Perry Ellis, and a few Hugo Boss, and of course, many many Armani.
      Clothier: (sniffing the suits and nodding) Fresh.
      Jacques: Ah, yesterday's kill.

    • Simon (Kevin): Remember, people. Do not fear the evil that surrounds you. Do not avoid the hounds of hell. Do not avoid the beasts of brimstone. Do not avoid the puppies of purgatory.
      (shrugs toward Hecubus)
      You must always embrace, the hellfire, hellfire, hellfire!
      Thank you. Good Night. And if you haven't already, please call your mom.

    • Simon (Kevin): Let the proof of evil begin. Hecubus, pick a card, pick any card.
      Hecubus (Dave): No.
      Simon: Pardon?
      Hecubus: No.
      Simon: Evil! Evil! Impolite and evil!
      Hecubus, have you seen the movie, "Presummed Innocent?"
      Hecubus: Yes I have, master, and his wife killed her.
      Simon: But Hecubus, I haven't seen the movie, yet.
      (Hecubus shrugs oops)
      Simon: (whispers) Evil! Evil!

      It is now time for the sleep of ages. Sava Lava Cuti...Hecubus, can you hear me?
      Hecubus: Yes, master.
      Simon: If Hecubus is sleeping, how can he hear me? Maybe because he's lying?
      Dirty, dirty liar! Evil, evil white boy!

    • Kevin (as Simon): Yes, I am a man possessed by many demons, polite demons that would open a door for a lady carrying too many parcels, but demons nonetheless!

      Yes, I have walked along the path of evil many times. It's a twisting, curving path, that actually leads to a charming block garden, but beyond that evil!

    • Scott: (After catching the baseball) This ball's been around more than I have!

    • Kevin: And now I'd like to bring out one who could be the spawn of Satan himself... Manservant Hecubus! (Kevin puts his hand down and brings Dave up with him) Good evening Hecubus, are you rready?
      Dave: I am ready to serve you master, aaaaaaaaand Satan!

    • Bruce: (As Cabbage Head) So...
      Scott: I'm a lesbian.
      Bruce: ...Can I watch?

    • Kevin: Should I go after him Jacques?
      Dave: No Francois, let that one go, he has spirit. Some day he may be vice-president.

  • Notes

    • The "Girls If Summer" sketch was described as the moment Scott's character of Buddy "Fonzed Out." In other words, became more popular than the show. From this point on, the group decided that Budfdy would remain a fixture of the show.

    • The drawing and the suit Scott wears in the "Girls Of Summer" sketch is currently displayed in the CBC Museum. It was drawn by Costume Designer Hillary Corbet as described by Scott.

    • In syndication, the "Trapper" and "It's Not Working Out #3" sketches were cut out from the episode. It is unknown why since neither are offensive, and this episode actually comes in under 20 minutes.

    • The one legged man in the "Trapper" sketch was a real amputee who was missing a leg. He still had to formally audition, but pretty much had the job in hand.

    • Originally Mark was going to be Simon, and Kevin was to be Hecubus. But Kevin complained and wanted Dave. He eventually got his way, and switched the roles.

    • The "Trapper" sketch was filmed in an office building in Toronto, where soon many KITH sketches would be filmed. They were able to film there, because many of the staf were KITH fans.

    • This episode was meant to play first in the season, but instead got bumbed down to second.

  • Allusions

    • Dave: Yes I have master, and his wife killed her!
      The movie they are talking about (of course) is the 1990 film Presumed Innocent.