The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1990 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • When Kevin spat out the drink in the "Daddy Drank" sketch, he got some of it on the camera.

    • In "The Last Straw" sketch, the fish Bruce eats is obviously a fake. Plus, the shot of his insides is just a fishbowl surrounded by plastic organs.

    • In what kind of building would you hold an office meeting, have a couple seek a make out place, and have a high school girl's basketball team all need to use an office like the one int he "Knocked Out" sketch?

    • In the "Knocked Out" sketch, you can see Dave start to laugh at the line "it's just wrong." Apparently, he couldn't believe it either.

    • In the "Daddy Drank" sketch, Dave is wearing the same suit EVERY NIGHT.

  • Quotes

    • Gavin: (interrupting his mom's phone conversation yet again) Mom! This kid at school, Raymond Snepts, the guy I told you about many times? Do you know what happened when he went away to the Soviet Union and was supposed to come back?
      Gavin's Mom: (incredulously shakes her head)
      Gavin: He didn't. And do you know who was in his desk? Another kid. And when they called out his name, when they called out "Raymond Snepts" at roll call, this new kid puuuut up his haaaand...scary, eh?

    • Dave: All right now son, I want you to get a good night's rest and remember I can murder you while you sleep. It's easy son, all you have to be is quiet and willin' to do it. And son I am willin' to do it. And I've got quiet shoes. Good night son, sleep well.
      Kevin: Daddy drank.

    • Kevin: Daddy drank...
      Dave: Oh, son! Son, how many girls called you today? Zero? And how many girls called you yesterday? Lemme guess -- zero? Well, you know what they say, son. Zero plus zero equals FAG! Zero times any other number always equals FAG! Think about it, ya little mathematician.

  • Notes

    • Season 2 Episode 9 had by far the most references to actress Shelley Long, although there were a few others scattered throughout the series run. They allemerged from an ongoing,behind-the-scenes debate between David Foley and Kevin McDonald. They had a friendly and sustained argument concerning who the better leading actress was on Cheers...Shelley Long or Kirstie Alley. This ultimately spilled over into the program itself, serving as an inside joke for some, and just more quirky nonsense for others.

    • This episode aired three weeks after episode #208, due to the Thanksgiving movie rush on HBO.

    • It's unknown why, but there was a constant joke about Shelly Long in this episode.

    • Most, but not all of the jokes in "Daddy Drank" were based off real experiences that happened to Kevin. He goes into detail over it on the commentary of the Season 2 DVD.

    • This entire episode was broken up and put into other episodes where sketches were too racey for syndication. The "Leash," "Parenting," and "Dead Dad" sketches were taken out for unknown reasons. The "Crushing Hospital" sketch was edited for syndication, no one know why.

  • Allusions

    • T-Shirt: Macho Man
      The T-shirt the kid wears in the "Parenting" sketch is that of pro-wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

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