The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1990 on 60 Frames

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  • One of the funniest episodes of the season!

    Most of the sketches in this episode made me laugh so hard that my stomach was feeling pain after the last sketch! The one at the beginning was definitley good for a laugh along with all of the other "It's a fact!" sketches (not to mention one of them had the very first appearance of the queen.)

    "The secret of broadway" didn't make me laugh at all, and the "Cuttin' it close" sketches were just plain shocking (well at
    least the second one when they showed the naughty part for a split second). The best skits out of all of them were the "Mispronouncer" and the "Dead fish" ones. They were just so well written and laugh out loud funny.