The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1991 on 60 Frames



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  • Quotes

    • Bruce: Scott! You didn't read my note!
      Kevin: Oh, Scott.
      Dave: Oh, Scott! Scott, you really should have read the note.
      Scott: Well, you didn't read any of it either, Dave!
      Dave: Well, it was a bit long, don't you think!
      Scott: Ah-ha!
      Dave: Yeah, I thought you were trying to write yourself to death.
      Bruce: Kevin?
      Kevin: Mm? I thought some of it was great. I just didn't get the part where you wanted to kill yourself?
      Bruce: Oh! Only the point! Only the point, Kevin!
      Kevin: That's right--the point! I missed the point!
      Dave: Yeah.
      Bruce: Markus? Buddy?
      Mark: Look, I just skimmed it, looking for my name. I'm sorry.

  • Notes

    • Mark is the only KITH member in all three "It's A Fact" sketches in this episode.

    • The "Book, Bottle, Blonde" sketch was changed to black and white after filming, because the original form in color didn't look right for the times. Another reason... Kevin was wearing a yellow hat that messed with the lighting.

    • The "Evil T" sketch was taken from an inproved speech Scott made at a Gay Prode rally in Toronto. Many loved it.

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