The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Mar 19, 1991 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • When Scott breaks the bottle with the wand in the "Queen To Queen" sketch, you can see the top of it break off. Cheap prop.

    • The footage of Mark talking at the start of the "Touch Bellini" sketch was from episode #203. There were two versions made, one of him saying "this guy" and the one use saying "this gal." The footage shown after her name was filmed for this episode. You can tell from the hair and lighting.

    • You can see Dave almost crack up twice in the middle of the "Gandar #1" sketch.

    • You can obviously tell the "Report" sketch was filmed in pieces. Note, we never see the wall where the reporthits until AFTER it hits.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: Hecubus, hypnotize the victim with the sleep of ages, I need a vacation.
      Dave: Yes master. Tony Henderson, repeat after me OWA TANA SIAM.
      Mark: OWA TANA SIAM.
      Dave: Quicker.
      Mark: OWA-TANA-SIAM.
      Dave: Quicker.
      Mark: Oh what, an ass, I am.

  • Notes

    • The Mr. Heavyfoot sketches were meant as a stab to many of the old shorts Dave used to see on Canadian television.

    • Bruce once joked that the sex he got in "The Affair" sketch was the most he got before the show ended. He denies ever saying it now.

    • This episode features the announcement of the "Touch Paul Bellini" contest, though we don't actually get to see the winners footage until episode #217. The winner: Rebecca Klatka.

    • The musicians playing music in the "Jazz Music" sketch are professional players from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

    • The report in the "Report" sketch wasn't shot out of anything like many believe. It was just soaked in water and eggs, and flung at the wall.

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