The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Unknown May 07, 1991 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • In the "Girls Of Summer" sketch, you can see where they put a small bit of dry ice in Scott's glove for the smoke effect. Also, the special effect of the shooting ball was used twice. Once forward, and then in reverse.

    • Watch the dog humping Kevin in the "First Time" sketch. He's eating cheese which they had to put next to Kevin to get him to stand there, and the "humping" motion is actually Mark pushing him from behind.

    • In the "A Little Something" sketch, it's obvious that Bruce knows where the green food is, and is obviously not trying to make it fly out. Plus, Scott tells Bruce to "think of him as a mirror" and points to his right side. Technically, shouldn't he be pointing to the left?

    • In the "Daddy Drank" sketch, Dave is wearing the same suit EVERY NIGHT.

    • In the "Fact #1" sketch, you can tell that the fake spit was shot off from the left side of the camera.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: (After catching the baseball) This ball's been around more than I have!

    • Dave: But I didn't worry about it, because I figured "how far can you coast on charm?" Pretty far actually. They just offered me the job of Chief Of Surgery. Apparently I've logged more hours in surgery than any other man my age. 4000 hours this year alone. What no one seems to have notice is it was all with the same patient.

    • Girl: Wanna know something else? (Runs up to camera) It's A Fact. The Queen of England doesn't know her ABC's anymore.
      (Girl ducks down, we see the Queen)
      Scott: (Singing) A-B-C-D-X-P-Q. R-X-Y-V... Hello! R-P...
      (Girl jumps back up)
      Girl: Sad, eh? She's old! It's A Fact.

    • Kevin: Daddy drank...
      Dave: Oh, son! Son, how many girls called you today? Zero? And how many girls called you yesterday? Lemme guess -- zero? Well, you know what they say, son. Zero plus zero equals FAG! Zero times any other number always equals FAG! Think about it, ya little mathematician.

  • Notes

    • This is the first of two "Best Of" episodes that aired back to back.

    • Look hard at the girl in the blue coat in "Headcrusher - Rival." That's Associate Producer, Cindy Park.

    • The "Girls If Summer" sketch was described as the moment Scott's character of Buddy "Fonzed Out." In other words, became more popular than the show. From this point on, the group decided that Budfdy would remain a fixture of the show.

    • The drawing and the suit Scott wears in the "Girls Of Summer" sketch is currently displayed in the CBC Museum. It was drawn by Costume Designer Hillary Corbet as described by Scott.

    • Look hard at Kevin's face in the "First Time" sketch. His left eye is swollen, and chose to wear glasses to cover it up.

    • Bruce once joked that the sex he got in "The Affair" sketch was the most he got before the show ended. He denies ever saying it now.

    • Most, but not all of the jokes in "Daddy Drank" were based off real experiences that happened to Kevin. He goes into detail over it on the commentary of the Season 2 DVD.

    • The man in the "Off Swingin" sketch only did this one sketch with the group. After watching it on TV, he said he didn't like the way he was shown. Too bad... Bruce wanted to do an entire series of sketches with him in it.

    • The "Headcrusher - Rival" sketch came out of the idea Kevin had of actually giving him a purpose. They couldn't continue the sketch unless there was some type of story, or else it would have died out. So they gave him some competition.

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