The Kids in the Hall

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Unknown May 07, 1991 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • If you look hard in the "Chicken Lady" sketch, you can see Mark pull the extra feathers from something behind the table.

    • Where did Scott and the lady with him go for that short time during the "Chicken Lady" sketch?

    • In the "Trapper" sketch, you can see the wheels on the cannoe when they're going down the street.

    • When Scott carries Kevin over to the table in the "Comfortable" sketch, you can see Kevin never bothered to shave his back. Plus, he isn't wearing a bra for the fake breasts... they're attached to the dress on the inside.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: And now I'd like to bring out one who could be the spawn of Satan himself... Manservant Hecubus! (Kevin puts his hand down and brings Dave up with him) Good evening Hecubus, are you rready?
      Dave: I am ready to serve you master, aaaaaaaaand Satan!

    • Kevin: Should I go after him Jacques?
      Dave: No Francois, let that one go, he has spirit. Some day he may be vice-president.

    • Mark: Would you like a beer, or would you rather just drink out of the toilet?
      Dave: ... A beer.

    • Dave: Honey, did you hear about the lamp?
      Kevin: Yes I did, and suddenly I have a headache.

  • Notes

    • The ending theme to this episode was recorded faster specifically for the "Eating In The Shower" sketch.

    • The "Hazy Movie" sketch is the first appearance of Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz Jones. Fiore is supposedly a persona Scott like to take on dates, while Jones was a parody of all the standard hunky men seen in 1950's films. The name Bruno Puntz Jones was a typo in the script, but was left alone because it sounded funnier.

    • Originally Mark was going to be Simon, and Kevin was to be Hecubus. But Kevin complained and wanted Dave. He eventually got his way, and switched the roles.

    • In syndication, the "Trapper" sketch was cut out from the episode it was first in, yet remained a part of this Best Of" episode. It is unknown why.

    • The one legged man in the "Trapper" sketch was a real amputee who was missing a leg. He still had to formally audition, but pretty much had the job in hand.

    • The "Trapper" sketch was filmed in an office building in Toronto, where soon many KITH sketches would be filmed. They were able to film there, because many of the staf were KITH fans.

    • The "Comfortable" sketch was editied out in syndication due to content. It has never aired since the original airing.

    • The man in the back of the cops car in the "Cops - Prisoner" sketch is none other than director Stephen Surjik from Season 2.

    • This is the second of two "Best Of" episodes that aired of the same day. This episode was billed as the season finale.

  • Allusions

    • Gavin's Hat: The Legend Of Zelda.
      For those of you who can't see it too clearly, the green hat Bruce wears while he plays Gavin is the the video game (and at one point cartoon series) The Legend Of Zelda.

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