The Kids in the Hall

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2008 on 60 Frames



  • Trivia

    • When Dave gets sprayed in the face in the "Bingo" sketch, you can see the bald wig show when he makes an expression.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: (griping about their "boss from hell") Man, when I look at him and I think about how I have to go down to the river tonight and wash his stinking really makes me start to hate this job.
      Kevin: I didn't know you had to do that.
      Dave: Oh yeah...condition it, set it, the whole thing. And I wasn't hired to do THAT!

    • Scott: (warehouse employees commiserating together about their "boss from hell") Last week I'm doing a double-shift, right? After I'm done, I gotta go to his place and lick his dog's belly clean.
      Bruce: Yeah, I've done that.
      Dave: Yeah, me too...and I wasn't hired to DO that!

    • Boss: (after being sprayed in the face with seltzer during a meeting, the boss angrily wants to fire Danny Husk, who tries to defend himself against the loud accusations) Who was it, Husk? I DO want to know, Husk...I think we ALL wanna know! Fairbanks, don't YOU wanna know? Douglas, I'm sure YOU'D like to know. Bingo I'm CERTAIN is curious (clown seated across table nods with a smile). So Husk, who the hell WAS it?
      Danny: (pausing to give the clown a hateful look, then turning back to boss) Who the hell do you THINK it was? It was Bingo!
      Boss: DON'T BLAME THE CLOWN HUSK!!! OH!!! It's EASY to point the finger at the CLOWN! Oh yes, the CLOWN threw the pie! The CLOWN hit the midget with the board! The CLOWN led Jumbo on to the tracks! Well I am SICK of you scapegoating the CLOWN, Husk! Get OUT Husk! Get OUTTA here, you CLOWN-HATER! Go on, I'm sick of LOOKING at you! Take your bigotries and LEAVE THIS COMPANY!!! Come on, come on, come on, come on, move it, move it, move it, move it, move it! (as a sobbing Danny moves toward the door, Bingo hits him with a parting water balloon) You ASKED for it Husk, you asked for it! You DESERVE worse! OUT you go, GET OUT! Oh BOY, I just, I just CAN'T...stay angry when I look at that face (a smiling Bingo gives boss a balloon-dog).

    • Scott (during 'The Drag Revolution'): A party was in progress and every man that I'd ever known was there in drag. There was my old friend Bob the trapper singing 'The Man that Got Away' on a barstool by the piano. The good Reverend Hall going, 'Sister, girl, la la.' My friend Roland and Blair dressed as Madonna and Sandra and French-kissing each other. And my dad... dressed as my mom.

    • Kevin (during 'The Phantom of the Warehouse'): Guys, I think we better get to work.
      Bruce: How can you work? We saw what he did to you.
      Kevin: Well, no job's perfect, I guess.
      Dave: Yeah, but you gotta expect a certain bare minimum...
      Mark: Excuse me? What's with all the talking? You talk again I shave your bodies. (the guys walk away from Mark, who snaps his fingers at Scott)
      Mark: Isn't there something you wanna say?
      Dave, Kevin, Bruce and Scott (chanting, in unison): Foreman Connors is great, he puts food on our plate. He holds all power, but I get 11.41 an hour.

  • Notes

    • The tune being played in the middle of the "Teamwork" sketch is the same one used in the "Excellent TV" sketch from episode #302.

    • The ending to the "Drag Revolution" sketch was cut from syndication due to content.

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