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The Kids in the Hall

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Get ready for sketch comedy...Canadian style! The Kids In The Hall are a hilarious sketch comedy troupe. They got their name from a comedian named Jack Benny, who would often end a joke by saying: "I got this from the kids in the hall", referring to the amateur comedians who would hang around outside his office. KITH was formed in 1984 when McCulloch and McKinney, who had worked together in Calgary as part of a group named the Audience, teamed up with Foley and McDonald's Toronto-based group, KITH. Thompson officially joined in January 1985. That same year, McCulloch and McKinney were hired as writers for NBC's Saturday Night Live after a talent scout saw KITH in performance. Significantly, SNL had also been created by Michaels, himself an ex-patriate Canadian living and producing in New York. Still in 1985, Foley appeared in the film High Stakes, and Thompson and McDonald toured with Second City. In 1986, KITH were reunited in Toronto and Michaels finally saw them perform. He immediately envisaged a television project around them. In 1987, he moved KITH to New York and, paying each member $150 per week, had them perform in comedy clubs, write new material, and rehearse sketches. In 1988, Michaels produced their HBO special. The regular series followed. The TV show lasted between 1989-1994 for 5 seasons on the CBC in Canada and on HBO and CBS in the U.S. After the TV show, the Kids went on to different projects, one movie, and 2 tours. One in 2000, and one in 2002. Awards Won the 1993 Golden Rose Award at the Rose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival, 1993. 1993 Emmy Nomination: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program. 1994 Emmy Nomination: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program. 1994 CableACE Nomination: Best Comedy Series 1995 Emmy Nomination: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program. The show currently airs on Comedy Central. You can see it every other week late at night on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings, 2AM-4AM (EST)moreless

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    • Pure Maple Sugar Canadiana Sketch Comedy straight from the Mounties Mouth!

      If there was a show that comes to mind when thinking of pure, uninhibited sketch comedy from the heart of Canada, it's got to be Kids In The Hall. The show was a guilty pleasure and an office (or school) chatter secret to many of us. We would giggle about the night before's ridiculousness and make it our own inside joke. That, to me, was the test of true comedy. To think back in the days of adolescence where CBC would play a full hour of hilarious characters such as the chicken lady, teabag guy, "flock-of-seagulls-hairdo" guy, "crush-your-head" guy and countless skits of kooky, awkward brilliance - well, it brings me back to the future. It was ahead of its comedy time, wholly under-appreciated, and especially a spark of comedic excellence.moreless
    • I love it

      I like this show a lot! It's a lot better than that piece of crap Saturday Night Live. It had a lot of memorable characters in it like the Chicken Lady, Cabbage Head, and Simon and the one who is beloved of Satan, Manservant Hecubus. The show also had a lot of very good ideas for their skits and a good cast.

      If I had to pick a favorite cast member it would have to be Dave. He had a lot of good characters and was very funny even though he was more of an actor rather than a comedian. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say about this show.moreless
    • kids in the hall. Sketch comedy from Canada.

      A classic show, one of the best sketch comedy shows I have ever seen. Nothing is better then when Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley do their classic sketch of "Nobody Likes Us", this is just one of the hilarious recurring sketches from the show. The comedians Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson truly create and deliver a hilarious assortment of jokes and zingers. This is a show that lasted for about six seasons and stayed on the air for a while even after that, this just goes to show how appreciated they were and how devoted they were to this show. Anyone who enjoys sketch comedy would certainly enjoy this show and if you haven't seen it or just wanna see it again I suggest picking up a season on dvd, today!moreless
    • This show is awesome!

      I like this show! A lot of the sketches are some of the most hilarious on this great show, including "He's Cool, He's Hip, He's 45", "It's A Fact", and the ever-so-lovable Mr. Tyzik, also known as the "Headcrusher", known for trying to crush the heads of most people. It's just sad that they broke up and their movie, Brain Candy, failed in theaters, but it did have one great song: "Painted Soldiers" by Pavement. I like how Dave Foley and the others actually do comedy in this show, much different from Mitch Hedberg and Jeff Foxworthy. These guys should reunite one day.moreless
    • This show was one of the best in Canadian Comedy, maybe all comedy really.

      They had some of the best skits and reoccuring characters. They had the "I'm crrushing your head" they had the chicken lady, flying pig and many more great skits. There were alot of silly skits, and that was what made it funny too, they had the "Terrier Song" my favorite was the Daddy Drinks sketch, were it was camera was like the kids eye view, and Dave Foley was the drunken dad, it was hilarious. The show also introduced interesting music, by Dark Shadowy men, who did the theme song and the music going to and from commercial. This show was freakin hilarious, people still quote the show every now and then it has live on since it has been over, and will live on for a long time after.moreless

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