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Season one DVD set incomplete?

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    [1]Jul 9, 2006
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    This review on's page for the DVD set says it is. Can anyone confirm this? I remember that head crusher skit and it would suck if it isn't in there. Is this just mistaken? Is that head crusher skit even supposed to be in season one?

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    Actually, most of this is wrong. In the paragraph where it talks about cabbage head, Buddy Cole, and the other ones, there's a reason why those sketches weren't in the season 1 DVD: They weren't even in season 1 in the first place!
    I know because I own seasons 2 and 3 and they're on there (too bad I don't have season 1 or I could confirm the head crusher sketch).
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    [4]Jan 16, 2007
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    Zenigame is right. That poster has placed most of the sketches in the wrong season. And he/she must not have been watching very carefully because "Nobody's Home" is in episode 117. The Buddy Cole sketch was in season 2 (episode 205), The Chicken Lady wasn't even introduced until season 2. The Blind Date was in episode 205, Phone Sex in 214, and Bearded Lady's Wedding in 320. The Cabbagehead sketch the poster mentioned is in 202. The sketch with the woman at the restaurant is a Darrill sketch called The Worst Waiter in 308. The guy who stubbed his toe is The Loner in 202.

    Not one of these hillarious skits or episodes are included in the Season One DVD Collection...Why?'s called SEASON ONE for a reason. Because those sketches included in the set were filmed in 1989-1990 for the first season. It wouldn't make much sense to jumble up the sketches from previous seasons. This poster should have realized that the reason the sketches weren't there is because they hadn't been filmed yet.

    The skits included in this collection are probably not the most popular or funny episodes. I would not recommend it. Take it from yourself twenty or thirty bucks.

    Now this is just crazy talk. Season 1 is probably the best season. That's of course, debatable, but I think season one is the best with season 2 close behind. After that they started adding too many writers and I guess the Kids started fighting a lot so the show suffered a bit. Seasons 1 and 2 are definitely their finest hour, though. I mean come on--Season 1 they were so young and their writing was so pure and bare with little outside influence besides Lorne. They had some of the most endearing sketches in season 1 and I believe a lost of the sketches that people remember are in season 1. Pear Dream. Dr Seuss Bible. Dawn of the Dead. Thirty Helens Agree. This person is nuts in my opinion.

    I have not seen the other DVD collections from the other Kids In The Hall Seasons on DVD as yet.


    I hope someone sets this person straight or he/she puts his/her foot in his/her mouth. So anyway, that review is crazy and the facts are all wrong. Ignore it....or let the person know that s/he's wrong. Sorry, it just made me a tiny bit mad reading it. Season 1 is a stellar piece of work.
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