The Kids in the Hall

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1988 on 60 Frames



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    • Buddy Cole: (what was to become the character's catchphrase) I may have been born yesterday...but I still went shopping.

    • Man: Hey, you millionaires! Get out of that garbage!

    • Dave: Oh, Laurie! (Looks at Bruce) Hey, is it okay if I sleep here tonight?
      Bruce: Uh, no, that's a problem. See, I don't have a bed for you.
      Dave: Oh...hey, doesn't this couch fold out? (Gets up)
      Bruce: No, I don't think so, I just--
      Dave: Oh, sure it does! (Starts hauling on the couch seat, with Bruce still sitting on it) Come on, look!
      Bruce: No, it...
      Dave: Yeah, it does!

    • Dave: You know Mrs. Beemish, don't you, Rusty?
      Bruce: Hello Barbara.
      Scott: Barbara?
      Kevin: Helen!
      Scott: Rusty!
      Bruce: I see you got the walker.
      Kevin: Yes, thank you very much.
      Bruce: I'm sorry about your hip.

  • Notes

    • This pilot marks the first appearance of one of the few long-running characters, Buddy Cole. The name Buddy Cole was taken from a character Tim Kazurinsky sketch. While in "The Turn Company" troupe, he wrote a skit that Scott played, and gave him the character of the same name. The origional name of the character was Charles "Buddy" Cole

    • The cabage head was made of real leaves. The foam one didn't come until Season 1 started.

    • The origional Pilot was shown on HBO as a two-hour special. It was only after the success of the pilot that the Kids signed a deal.

    • Bruce says that "Hey, you millionaires!", the first sketch of the pilot, is his father's favorite sketch, including all the seasons that came afterwards.

    • Not all of these sketches appear on the DVD, and "Best Of" tape.

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