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  • What can I say? It's just a copy cat of Snl.

    All I can really say is holy CRAP. This show was not only unoriginal and tastless, but it was poverhyped to boot. Kids in the halll was a sad attempt at a skeych comedy and I had the misfortune of sitting through it once. All I can say about the esxperoience was the MILD talent that SOME of the comedians possessed. Thankk the powers that be that this show has been dead and buried. It is only fitting seeing as it beat the bathroom humor like a dead horse every week.
  • they are going to burn in hell

    this show was one of a kind. a bit monty python, a bit saturday night live. i remember watching with my jaw dropped wide open. but then i saw the movie they did called brain candy. after seeing that i realized that these guys are going to burn in hell for all of eternity.
  • Kids in the Hall is consistantly funnier than Saturday Night Live. However, given the recent state of SNL that isn't saying much is it?

    Kids in the Hall is a show that people usually either love or hate, so it seems. I fall into that minority that has mixed feelings on it. I can definitely watch a full episode of it an be entertained, but sometimes there are sketches that make it awfully hard to do so. The skits are so hit and miss and that's my main complaint. Certain skits (such as the guy who can't help but yell sarcastically in response to everything said to him) are laugh out loud hilarious. For every one of those skits though, there is probably another one that leaves you wondering who ever green lighted THAT skit. Maybe there is just some Canadian humor (or humour if I want to write in the Queen's English for this review) that I don't necessarily get.

    The fact that they used such a small trouple made it unique, and this was great because you got to know the characters that much better. The other great thing was that the actors never changed from day one to the final episode. It wasn't the "revolving door" of sorts that characterizes other sketch comedy shows.

    At any rate, I'd rather sit through this than SNL at any time except the Farley/Spade/Sandler/Hartman/Rock days when SNL was actually worth viewing. Luckily for us, Comedy Central seems to think the same way and makes it readily available for viewing in re-runs.
  • The Only Real Good Thing to Come Out of Canada.

    Now, keeping in mind that even though they dress as women occasionally (the whole cast is just like... 6 guys w/o the extras), that this isnt British comedy. This is Canadian comedy at its finest. You will see a variety of characters come to life from Bird-Lady to the guy that likes to squint his eyes and "pinch" peoples heads that are away from him. If anyone loves sketch comedy you'll love this show, this show is just amazing for what they had to work with. Most of the sketches are done brilliant with things that'll make you laugh continously and... unlike some other sketch-comedy shows, it's memorable. You'll remember the day after about how the couple rushed through everything, skipped the date, skipped dinner, skipped movie, skipped romantic music, skipped kissing, skipped sex, and then said good night. Even though it doesnt sound all that funny when I say it, they do it as great as it can be done and it's hilarious. So if you ever have a hard time sleeping, try to catch the show on Comedy Central late at night, cause that's when they usually show it. I highly recommend this.
  • I love it

    I like this show a lot! It's a lot better than that piece of crap Saturday Night Live. It had a lot of memorable characters in it like the Chicken Lady, Cabbage Head, and Simon and the one who is beloved of Satan, Manservant Hecubus. The show also had a lot of very good ideas for their skits and a good cast.

    If I had to pick a favorite cast member it would have to be Dave. He had a lot of good characters and was very funny even though he was more of an actor rather than a comedian. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say about this show.
  • Forget Saturday Night Live. Kids in the Hall reminds us the way it should be.

    Short reveiw: this is what Saturday Night Live was in the beganing. Before it was destroyed by corporate interest. This is the way skit shows should be done, written by the actors. You always get the most inventive products this way.
    Kids in the Hall is one of those few shows that actually ended as strong as it started.
  • Amazingly unique! My favorite show to watch high!

    Just watch it on comedy central at night and see for yourself! Some sketches are so awkwardly funny I can’t figure out what’s so funny. Watch the show and you’ll know what I mean. Sometimes of course it is not funny and the skits are stupid, which means of course you are sober.
  • Pure Maple Sugar Canadiana Sketch Comedy straight from the Mounties Mouth!

    If there was a show that comes to mind when thinking of pure, uninhibited sketch comedy from the heart of Canada, it's got to be Kids In The Hall. The show was a guilty pleasure and an office (or school) chatter secret to many of us. We would giggle about the night before's ridiculousness and make it our own inside joke. That, to me, was the test of true comedy. To think back in the days of adolescence where CBC would play a full hour of hilarious characters such as the chicken lady, teabag guy, "flock-of-seagulls-hairdo" guy, "crush-your-head" guy and countless skits of kooky, awkward brilliance - well, it brings me back to the future. It was ahead of its comedy time, wholly under-appreciated, and especially a spark of comedic excellence.
  • kids in the hall. Sketch comedy from Canada.

    A classic show, one of the best sketch comedy shows I have ever seen. Nothing is better then when Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley do their classic sketch of "Nobody Likes Us", this is just one of the hilarious recurring sketches from the show. The comedians Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson truly create and deliver a hilarious assortment of jokes and zingers. This is a show that lasted for about six seasons and stayed on the air for a while even after that, this just goes to show how appreciated they were and how devoted they were to this show. Anyone who enjoys sketch comedy would certainly enjoy this show and if you haven't seen it or just wanna see it again I suggest picking up a season on dvd, today!
  • This show is awesome!

    I like this show! A lot of the sketches are some of the most hilarious on this great show, including "He's Cool, He's Hip, He's 45", "It's A Fact", and the ever-so-lovable Mr. Tyzik, also known as the "Headcrusher", known for trying to crush the heads of most people. It's just sad that they broke up and their movie, Brain Candy, failed in theaters, but it did have one great song: "Painted Soldiers" by Pavement. I like how Dave Foley and the others actually do comedy in this show, much different from Mitch Hedberg and Jeff Foxworthy. These guys should reunite one day.
  • This show was one of the best in Canadian Comedy, maybe all comedy really.

    They had some of the best skits and reoccuring characters. They had the "I'm crrushing your head" they had the chicken lady, flying pig and many more great skits. There were alot of silly skits, and that was what made it funny too, they had the "Terrier Song" my favorite was the Daddy Drinks sketch, were it was camera was like the kids eye view, and Dave Foley was the drunken dad, it was hilarious. The show also introduced interesting music, by Dark Shadowy men, who did the theme song and the music going to and from commercial. This show was freakin hilarious, people still quote the show every now and then it has live on since it has been over, and will live on for a long time after.
  • I've been watching them for almost as long as I can remember and I recently rediscovered the show thanks to the DVDs. Because of the DVDs I love KITH even more.

    When I was younger I remember catching the Kids in the Hall in Comedy Central reruns and the sketches that I remember stood out to me the most back then were Sausages and Simon and Hecubus. Sausages is such a brilliantly weird sketch that it blows my mind how they could have come up with it. There was a goth sketch that Molly Shannon and Chris Kattan did on SNL that I thought was a rip off of Simon and Hecubus. Maybe it wasn't, but I still have to say I prefer Simon and Hecubus.-
    A year ago I rediscovered Kids in the Hall through their DVDs. I had only seen KITH episodes on Comedy Central, and unfortunately Comedy Central stopped showing the reruns. They mixed up censored episodes anyway, so that was a bit of a gip. Because of the DVDs I've become an even bigger fan than I ever was. When I watched the DVDs, I saw sketches I hadn't seen or didn't remember, as well as rewatched the ones I did remember.-
    Each Kid has his talents and own wacky sense of humor. Mark is great at his impressions and voices, and he does two of the most memorable characters, the Headcrusher and the Chicken Lady. He's a great character actor. Bruce has that offbeat sense of humor especially concerning relationships, and he has a talent for songs like the "Terrier Song" and "Daves I Know". Dave has a smart sense of humor and he's my personal favorite. I love him as Bruno Puntz Jones, Hecubus, Jocelyn, Jean, The Sarcastic Guy, Axe Murderer, Drunk Dad, and of course, he makes the hottest woman in the group. Kevin is just wacky and funny looking and I have to admit that he's my least favorite but he and Dave have great chemistry together and I like him as the King of Empty Promises, Jerry Sizzler to Dave's Jerry Sizzler, and Simon to Dave's Hecubus. Scott has his amazing dancing eyebrows, and he uses his gayness to poke fun at homophobes *and* the gay community, which in turn makes people watching more comfortable about gay people and their roles in my opinion, anyway. I love Danny Husk and Francesca Fiore, and a couple of Buddy Cole sketches.-
    People compare KITH to Monty Python, which I guess was bound to happen. People and groups in showbusiness always have to be compared to others. KITH aren't Monty Python, however. They do their own thing and sometimes their own thing is way out there. Sex Girl Patrol. A man with meat for hands. Two clearly insane people who stole wigs and robes and perform an a capella act. The Dr Seuss Bible. A boy who wants to be an Indian woman. A man who murders a mouse. 30 Helens in a field. Of course, the list goes on.-
    My favorite seasons are 1 and 2. I do have to say that I found the later seasons less funny and original, and I think that's due to too many writers that were added on as the show went on. Too many cooks spoil the broth. However, 4 and 5 *do* have their good and great sketches. The first two seasons are just great overall and they're mostly the Kids's own work so I find them more endearing.
  • Why watch Saturday Night Live? This show is a lot better!

    When I first heard about Kids in the Hall, I thought it was going to be some crap that a guy with no real creativity wrote on a piece of paper. But I was wrong! This became one of my all time favorites and I just had to buy the DVDs for it! I know that some people like to compare this show to Monty Python, but to me that's like comparing a guinea pig to a hamster. They're kind of similar in a way but completeley different from one another! But I don't really care. You should still like this show for what it is. It's also one of those shows that would make you feel good inside no matter how horrible your day was. And like I meant before, it's better than SNL.
  • Much, and I mean much better than Saturday Night Live

    Its nothing to SNL, but thats not a bad thing, its a good thing, sure SNL is good but only in the Early 90's and 80's and when they had Will Ferell, which went down when he left, but nuff said about SNL. Kids in the Hall has the best elements a show needs, great actors that could play any role... espically women. And they dont use the same acts in every episode and dosen't appeal with politics, pure ideas that you would never ever think of. And buy the dvds, but wait a while or dont buy at Borders, cost about $60.
  • One of the best shows of its time. A lot of the humour could not work now as mores have changed...Talented writers and better-than-SNL (yes that is not saying much) acting made this show go to the top, in viewer's estimations if not in ratings.

    The KITH humour is a little dated now, unfortunately - ie it becomes less and less funny to see men dressed as women (ok, I'm in San Francisco), etc. However, it did well in skewering home values - Scott Thompson as the anxious mommy was very funny!
    And did not do so in a mean, ugly way, as it could have done. A great show, well-written, charming. The low-budget sets/brilliant get-ups (the most convincing female portrayals I've seen!) remind me of its contemporary show, _Red Dwarf_ in its first 3 seasons. Great acting and it is not surprising that the 5 Kids plus their extra staff are still employed in entertainment.