The Kids in the Hall

60 Frames (ended 1994)


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  • Kids in the Hall is consistantly funnier than Saturday Night Live. However, given the recent state of SNL that isn't saying much is it?

    Kids in the Hall is a show that people usually either love or hate, so it seems. I fall into that minority that has mixed feelings on it. I can definitely watch a full episode of it an be entertained, but sometimes there are sketches that make it awfully hard to do so. The skits are so hit and miss and that's my main complaint. Certain skits (such as the guy who can't help but yell sarcastically in response to everything said to him) are laugh out loud hilarious. For every one of those skits though, there is probably another one that leaves you wondering who ever green lighted THAT skit. Maybe there is just some Canadian humor (or humour if I want to write in the Queen's English for this review) that I don't necessarily get.

    The fact that they used such a small trouple made it unique, and this was great because you got to know the characters that much better. The other great thing was that the actors never changed from day one to the final episode. It wasn't the "revolving door" of sorts that characterizes other sketch comedy shows.

    At any rate, I'd rather sit through this than SNL at any time except the Farley/Spade/Sandler/Hartman/Rock days when SNL was actually worth viewing. Luckily for us, Comedy Central seems to think the same way and makes it readily available for viewing in re-runs.