The Kids in the Hall

60 Frames (ended 1994)


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  • I've been watching them for almost as long as I can remember and I recently rediscovered the show thanks to the DVDs. Because of the DVDs I love KITH even more.

    When I was younger I remember catching the Kids in the Hall in Comedy Central reruns and the sketches that I remember stood out to me the most back then were Sausages and Simon and Hecubus. Sausages is such a brilliantly weird sketch that it blows my mind how they could have come up with it. There was a goth sketch that Molly Shannon and Chris Kattan did on SNL that I thought was a rip off of Simon and Hecubus. Maybe it wasn't, but I still have to say I prefer Simon and Hecubus.-
    A year ago I rediscovered Kids in the Hall through their DVDs. I had only seen KITH episodes on Comedy Central, and unfortunately Comedy Central stopped showing the reruns. They mixed up censored episodes anyway, so that was a bit of a gip. Because of the DVDs I've become an even bigger fan than I ever was. When I watched the DVDs, I saw sketches I hadn't seen or didn't remember, as well as rewatched the ones I did remember.-
    Each Kid has his talents and own wacky sense of humor. Mark is great at his impressions and voices, and he does two of the most memorable characters, the Headcrusher and the Chicken Lady. He's a great character actor. Bruce has that offbeat sense of humor especially concerning relationships, and he has a talent for songs like the "Terrier Song" and "Daves I Know". Dave has a smart sense of humor and he's my personal favorite. I love him as Bruno Puntz Jones, Hecubus, Jocelyn, Jean, The Sarcastic Guy, Axe Murderer, Drunk Dad, and of course, he makes the hottest woman in the group. Kevin is just wacky and funny looking and I have to admit that he's my least favorite but he and Dave have great chemistry together and I like him as the King of Empty Promises, Jerry Sizzler to Dave's Jerry Sizzler, and Simon to Dave's Hecubus. Scott has his amazing dancing eyebrows, and he uses his gayness to poke fun at homophobes *and* the gay community, which in turn makes people watching more comfortable about gay people and their roles in my opinion, anyway. I love Danny Husk and Francesca Fiore, and a couple of Buddy Cole sketches.-
    People compare KITH to Monty Python, which I guess was bound to happen. People and groups in showbusiness always have to be compared to others. KITH aren't Monty Python, however. They do their own thing and sometimes their own thing is way out there. Sex Girl Patrol. A man with meat for hands. Two clearly insane people who stole wigs and robes and perform an a capella act. The Dr Seuss Bible. A boy who wants to be an Indian woman. A man who murders a mouse. 30 Helens in a field. Of course, the list goes on.-
    My favorite seasons are 1 and 2. I do have to say that I found the later seasons less funny and original, and I think that's due to too many writers that were added on as the show went on. Too many cooks spoil the broth. However, 4 and 5 *do* have their good and great sketches. The first two seasons are just great overall and they're mostly the Kids's own work so I find them more endearing.