The Kids in the Hall

60 Frames (ended 1994)


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  • This show was one of the best in Canadian Comedy, maybe all comedy really.

    They had some of the best skits and reoccuring characters. They had the "I'm crrushing your head" they had the chicken lady, flying pig and many more great skits. There were alot of silly skits, and that was what made it funny too, they had the "Terrier Song" my favorite was the Daddy Drinks sketch, were it was camera was like the kids eye view, and Dave Foley was the drunken dad, it was hilarious. The show also introduced interesting music, by Dark Shadowy men, who did the theme song and the music going to and from commercial. This show was freakin hilarious, people still quote the show every now and then it has live on since it has been over, and will live on for a long time after.