The Kids in the Hall

60 Frames (ended 1994)


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  • Pure Maple Sugar Canadiana Sketch Comedy straight from the Mounties Mouth!

    If there was a show that comes to mind when thinking of pure, uninhibited sketch comedy from the heart of Canada, it's got to be Kids In The Hall. The show was a guilty pleasure and an office (or school) chatter secret to many of us. We would giggle about the night before's ridiculousness and make it our own inside joke. That, to me, was the test of true comedy. To think back in the days of adolescence where CBC would play a full hour of hilarious characters such as the chicken lady, teabag guy, "flock-of-seagulls-hairdo" guy, "crush-your-head" guy and countless skits of kooky, awkward brilliance - well, it brings me back to the future. It was ahead of its comedy time, wholly under-appreciated, and especially a spark of comedic excellence.