The Kids in the Hall

60 Frames (ended 1994)


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  • The Only Real Good Thing to Come Out of Canada.

    Now, keeping in mind that even though they dress as women occasionally (the whole cast is just like... 6 guys w/o the extras), that this isnt British comedy. This is Canadian comedy at its finest. You will see a variety of characters come to life from Bird-Lady to the guy that likes to squint his eyes and "pinch" peoples heads that are away from him. If anyone loves sketch comedy you'll love this show, this show is just amazing for what they had to work with. Most of the sketches are done brilliant with things that'll make you laugh continously and... unlike some other sketch-comedy shows, it's memorable. You'll remember the day after about how the couple rushed through everything, skipped the date, skipped dinner, skipped movie, skipped romantic music, skipped kissing, skipped sex, and then said good night. Even though it doesnt sound all that funny when I say it, they do it as great as it can be done and it's hilarious. So if you ever have a hard time sleeping, try to catch the show on Comedy Central late at night, cause that's when they usually show it. I highly recommend this.