The Kids in the Hall

Season 5 Episode 5


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Steps* -- Gay Pride (all)(5): gay pride day (Steps, Police Department) • Stump Hand Waiter (SDKB)(5): the waiter with stumps for hands (Danny Husk?) • Butt Freak Film Buff (DM)(5): the guy who likes a certain type of movie scene • Gavin at the Police Department (BKS)(5): Gavin registers a complaint at the police department (Gavin) • Steps* -- Gay Pride (DSK)(5): gay pride day continued (Steps) • Guy Who Consoles People in Hospital (DMBKJ)(5): the guy who consoles crying people in the hospital • Steps* -- Gay Pride (DSK)(5): gay pride day continued (Steps) • Evan the Stereo Salesman (BKM)(5): Evan the intense stereo salesman (Evan, Satan, Murray)moreless
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