The Kids in the Hall

Season 5 Episode 16


Full Episode: #516


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Skit: Wrote the Report Naked Featuring: Nickels (Kevin), Danny (Scott), A.T. & Love Boss (Dave), Bingo the Clown Nickels writes the report naked, boardmembers cannot concentrate.

Skit: Don't Shut Off My Cable! Featuring: Billy Bicks (Mark), Receptionist (Scott) Bicks begs the cable company not to shut off his cable, even though he cannot pay.

Skit: My Gazebo! Featuring: Mrs. Larson (Kevin), Stoners (Bruce, Scott, Dave), Ofc. Henderson (Mark), Stoner's Girlfriends Mrs. Larson finds out her gazebo is gone and accuses three stoners of stealing it.

Skit: Scott in Los Angeles Featuring: Scott (monologue) Scott has a drug-induced dream that the show is shot in Los Angeles.

Skit: Carlos the Scientists Featuring: Darrill (Mark), Carlo (Bruce), Neeve Darrill and his cousin Neev volunteer to help Carlo with his experiments.moreless
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