The Kids in the Hall

Season 5 Episode 19


Full Episode: #519


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Francesca, Bruno, & the Voiceover Guy (SDM)(5): voiceover guy corrects Francesca's grammar (Francesca Fiore, Bruno Puntz Jones) • Sperm Bank I (SMBK)(5): the humanoids rob a sperm bank (Humanoids for Humanism) • The Queen at Tea (DKS)(5): the Queen drops by unexpectedly for tea (The Queen) • Sperm Bank II (MBK)(5): sperm bank continued (Tucker, Armada in stills) • Man of Destiny (D)(5): a busy guy • Sperm Bank III (BM)(5): sperm bank continued (Police Department in still) • Heart Channel (all)(5): a truly bizarre pledge drive (Nena, Murray, Doctor, Nurse Unloop, Terrier) • Sperm Bank IV (-)(5): sperm bank concludedmoreless
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Satire, 90s, quirky characters, outrageous situations, Sketch