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Spike TV (Mini-Series 2007)

Great show + No promoting = No Chance?Yet a hell of a show & they deserve th

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    [1]Aug 6, 2007
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    I gotta say I am real dissappointed. Not in the show, but in Spike for not promoting the show and the people not talking about it. This show is great. I realize it is only an 8 hr miniseries but wow. Actors from John Leguezamo (excuse my spelling), Donnie Walberg (again excuse please) and the kid from "The Wire", along with many others that I just dont know the names of. The casting was perfect in the roles they each played. Yes there have been many hostage bank robbery movies. But this mini-series is different. You basically have the military vs the police. You have good vs. good in a sense. And a little evil vs evil as well. The suspense gets you every week. Anyone who watches this show cannot tell me half way through they arent rooting for Mr. Wolf (John Leguezamo) and they cant tell me at the end they arent left hanging off the edge of there reclyners saying, "Holy s**t, what just happened? That sucks we have to wait until next week".

    This is a great show. Might be an idea often used but I promise. The details within the idea have not been used. I love it and I hope some people will pick up on it. Because, Spike, the actors, and tv fans all deserve to watch something this good!

    One complaint or maybe call it a question I have is.... Spike, what are u doing?? Promote it!! I found out about this on accident. I am a tv nut and I didnt know this was airing. Think about it. If you dont watch the ufc reality show or tna wrestling you did not know this was coming on the air. You need to do a better job of promoting things. Too bad this show will be a casualty of war in this learning experience.

    By the way, anyone who watches the show got that lil "casualty of war" reference right there.

    Enjoy the rest of the miniseries guys. I know I will!

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    [2]Aug 7, 2007
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    how they going to season final with only less that 10 ep ???

    whatz up with that ???
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    [3]Aug 26, 2007
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    It is kind of a shame that the show isn't getting more noticed. It's quite entertaining. There are actually a number of people from The Wire on there. The sniper is Omar, the lesbian swat chick was on it, and then the one thief who you mentioned. I like all of 'em.

    Thug Life - It's a miniseries. 8 Episodes to cover the whole story. It's not even a season they're ending, it's the whole show.

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