The Kill Point

Season 1 Episode 2

Who's Afraid of Mr. Wolf

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 22, 2007 on Spike TV

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  • Really really interesting start to a series.

    I loved how it started out and how cool they wer about the bank robbery. But then they get caught and they actually have to take hostages. But I love the character Wolf. He is such a great and strong leader. I also like Horste. He is awesome. But then he turns off the power just as the kid is about to tap the system and get into contact with someone who can get them out. So Wolf actually was baout to kill a hostage when it came back on. I want to know if he would have been able to do it. It would have been hard. Anyway I loves this beginning to a series and am very sad that it isn't going to last long. Long Live Kill Point
  • A classic bank robbery, a professional thief crew well prepared, some good actors, mix up all this and you have a diverting show.

    I think i'm gonna like this show. Why? Because firstly, the robbers play fine in my opinion, maybe not too much the "lawyer" of prison break but, nothing is flawless.
    What a pleasure to see the faces of several members of the Wire, one of the best show ever !! Bodie, Omar Little... i'm going out of the topic.

    To go back to the pilot, i have a good feeling, even if the story about bank robberies are often the sames.
    The negociation is tricky, the ex soldiers are determinated, even if several of them are discussing the case of the hostages. Do we have to kill one of'em? Are we bluffing? Lot of questions... haha.
    It's weird that nobody wrote a review about this pilot.