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AIRED ON 8/4/2013

Season 3 : Episode 12

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AMC's crime drama is based on the popular Danish series called Forbrydelsen. Season one and two follows three different subplots all linked to the single murder of Rosie Larsen. Season 3 picks up a year after the close of the Rosie Larsen case. Sarah Linden is no longer a detective, she has a boyfriend, and lives and works on Vashon Island at the ferries for minimum wage. She is happy and has stopped smoking but her son lives in Chicago with his father and she won't visit him. Ex-partner Stephen Holder has moved on and has a new partner. He's calmer and wears suits now. His diet has improved, he's dating an assistant district attorney and he's studying for the sergeant’s exam. He starts out looking for a runaway girl but discovers a grisly string of murders. His case leads to one of Linden's previous murder investigations - the one that drove her into the hospital - and, in turn, draws Linden back into the detective game.

The first three seasons of The Killing aired on AMC on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. Soon after the end of season three, tt was announced that Nextflix ordered a six episode fourth season to air sometime in 2014.

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  • One of the best shows on TV

    So so disappointed that all we are getting is a short 4th and final season, this show deserves so much more, it's much better than 90% of the shows on tv today
  • Season Four will be on NetFlix

    The killing has risen rom the dead and there will be a six episode final season on Netflix and this cannot be but excellent news to those real fans like me who truly admire the show. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will be back to end this remarkable series in style as it should. this is again a great initiative from Netflix and a very smart move on their part.
  • The BEST series

    One of the best series and acting I have seen in along time. The show was real, gripping and did not hide the ugliness living within the corners of everyday life. I am so tired of Hollywood and the shows the networks are spitting out. Thank goodness for Netflix. To me, the show was like a well-written book you could not put down. Sense AMC and Fox are cowards maybe NetFlix will pick it up.moreless
  • In the words of Holder, "I don't eat meat, bitch!"

    I've already ranted on about why I love this show in another comment so I'll just say it again here:

    I know a lot of people thought the first two seasons were too slow but I actually enjoyed them, despite being a bit predictable. There was so much to love about the show:

    THE LEADS are fantastic and fantastic together. I liked how they didn't try to make Linden too likable and that in itself made her likable (well to me, anyway). She's also smart and doesn't take shit from anyone. Holder is just awesome sauce, from the way he talks to the way he always has Linden's back; like with her kid and when other cops were bitching about her. Also appreciated how the writers didn't feel the need to make them romantically involved with each other, like so many other shows do.

    THE LONG ASS EPISODES! I actually liked the whole one-day-one-episode thing; that way we got to know all the characters and their actions seem more realistic. Like when it was revealed that Terry pushed the campaign car into the water, it was believable (rather than just a last minute plot twist) because we saw how guilty she felt through her actions. Also by getting to know all the characters, none of them were simply labeled as a "bad guy" (or a "good guy" for that matter), like in the case of Belko.

    I was even fond of the random details, like how they're always smoking (or trying to quit, though they don't seem to be trying very and how its always raining. Yes, you're not watching the Killing unless it starts to rain. Overall I loved the first two seasons but season three was the difference between a good show and a great show.moreless
  • good show but

    I still agree with the death penalty by lethal injection. I believe it is the right course of action after the proper amount of time for appeals has concluded. We cannot afford to house violent criminals for the remainder of their lives and the answer it NOT to weaken the laws so that more criminals go free.

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