The Killing

Season 2 Episode 10

72 Hours

Aired Friday May 27, 2012 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Linden wakes up groggy and finds herself admitted to a hospital. She looks around and her door is open. She walks down the hall and towards an exit but all the doors are locked because this is a psychiatric ward. Holder is downstairs trying to get in to see Linden and he's very upset. Lt. Carlson comes in and says that Linden is a danger to herself. They were both back at the Indian reserve, which Lt. Carlson disapproves of. Lt. Carlson's hands are tied he says until a psychiatrist can get her out. Holder mentions that the Rosie Larsen files have gone missing.

Linden tries to get access to a phone but the nurse does not allow her to use it. Linden is supposed to stay there for 72 hours. Meanwhile, Stan apologizes to Terry and updates her on the children's status. Stan mentions that Tommy got in trouble at school and is suspended. Terry tells Stan that he has to let go of this murder.

DAY 23: Stan thinks about Terry's conversation. He watches as Bennet's wife leaves their apartment. Holder finds Reggie down at the docks and updates her of Linden's situation. Holder wants to call Linden's psychiatrist to speed up the process of her release. Reggie says that this is what happened last time, when Linden had her previous psychiatric problems. Being no help, Holder heads off and sees a Leslie Adams sign about the waterfront revitalization project. The sign says that the Columbia Domain Fund funds the project and the project manager is Michael Ames. He calls into the office for any dirt on Michael Ames or anything that happened near the waterfront. The officer notes that there was an arrest that night at the construction site on the night Rosie Larsen was murdered.

Stan later sees Bennet on the street and Stan apologizes to him. A new psychiatrist sees Linden and talks about the recent incidents: the fleeing from child protective services, no current address, working on a case even though she was suspended. Linden says that she was not trying to hurt herself at the casino. The psychiatrist wants to start by talking about the previous case that brought her into the inpatient ward as well. Meanwhile, Richmond, Jamie, and Gwen still realize they are 7 points down. Gwen laments that Jamie hates to lose. Gwen says that Richmond should continue and finish the race in stride, winning or losing. Richmond shoots some hoops and someone catches the vibrant moment on camera.

Linden starts by saying that it was a non-stop murder case. She admits to not caring for herself and that Reggie brought her to the inpatient ward. A hooker had been murdered and left to rot inside a house while her son still lived there for almost a week. The cops had to break down the door. The boy drew the same picture of trees over and over until child protective services took the child away. Jamie heads back to headquarters where he tries to make one final push. He finds a City of Seattle cufflink on the floor.

Holder is still at the construction site and talks to the officer who made the arrest. He took Joseph Nowak around 9:30 to the station. The officer says Joseph works for Janek, the mobster.

Now, Linden talks about the current case. The psychiatrist wonders why these two cases have taken such a toll on her. Linden doesn't answer and says she would like to leave. She eventually gets very angry and two other workers have to restrain her. Jamie shows Richmond the cufflink and wonders why Gwen might have met the current Mayor Adams.

Stan leaves a solemn goodbye message for Rosie on her cellphone in an attempt to let go. Holder finally gets to see Linden and he briefs her. Holder thinks they are close. Linden says that she saw a white key card from City Hall. Linden seems dazed like she's sedated. Holder heads to find Joseph Nowak at a lumber yard but he makes a run for it. When finally caught, Holder asks him what he was doing at the waterfront. Later, Holder finds Lt. Carlson in his cruiser. Holder updates him saying there was a break-in at the waterfront the night Rosie was killed and all of their suspects are involved. Janek's thug breaks in to the site and project manager Ames chose not to press charges. Joseph said he was given orders to break-in and bury some "Indian" bones. Joseph would have gotten away with it but they didn't have any insiders at the 9th precinct police department. When Mayor Adams, Ames, and Jackson met about this later at the casino, Rosie must have seen them and she was killed because of this. Holder asks for Linden's original psychiatrist phone number so that they can solve this case once and for all.

Gwen shows Richmond a video of him playing basketball in his wheelchair that has gone viral. Richmond is happy but mentions the cufflink. Gwen says she wanted to blackmail Adams and mentions a bit about what happened. Meanwhile, at home Stan has brought a dog home for the boys. He tells the boys to take care of the dog.

Linden talks to the psychiatrist again and says that someone chased Rosie through the woods with great hate. It doesn't relate to the previous case, Linden starts, but then she mentions that Linden thought that the father had killed the mother but she doubted they had caught the real killer in that case. The department was satisfied with the arrest, however, so the father was arrested and Linden stopped arguing about it. Linden feels that this case will be completely dropped if she doesn't solve it soon. The psychiatrist shifts toward Linden's mother, who abandoned her when she was five. This touches a nerve though and Linden closes off. A worker comes in to say Linden is being released.

Rick, Linden's ex-finance and the psychiatrist that Holder called, comes to the hospital to help with Linden's release but says he can't be a part of her life anymore. Holder takes Linden back to his place. Amber, Bennet's wife, realizes that the porch light has been fixed but has no idea it was Stan who fixed it. Stan shuts off the light in Rosie's room. Gwen pays the man who shot the viral video. Back at the casino, Jackson says everything has been taken care of and no one will find anything. A construction crew is busy putting up new walls; however, the key card that Linden found still lies unnoticed under the floor.