The Killing

Season 1 Episode 4

A Soundless Echo

Aired Friday Apr 17, 2011 on Netflix

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  • A very interesting turn of events. First half 8; second half 9.

    This episode started off very promising with Kris and Jasper being interrogated, but it soon turns out to be a major disappointment on this end. The two suspects end up being nothing more than stupid pervs and definitely not murderers. This carried through the episode - the disappointment in the lack of progress getting to Holder and Linden.

    Heart-wrenching Mitch and Stan scenes intersperse the episode. The awkward coffin selection, the priest's flawed words. The most painful moment was when the parents seeing the pictures outside Linden's office. And finally, some compassion from Linden, offering her apologies in a sincere way. Linden shines through this episode. Holder, not so much. I mean he gets told to shave and wear a suit and then spends most of his day on a bus route. Albeit, he does make a connection between Rosie and Bennet. Linden makes a far more startling revelation and her intuition about teens hiding and wanting to keep certain things a secret (on behalf of her son) led right back to Rosie's room. Did not see that coming at all! That is definitely something that Rosie would not want anyone else to know about.

    And there was startling revelations all around - Stan's past job - possibly mob-related? A rich father/family member possibly also connected to crime. Belko's ease of saying that he could take care of Richmond. Meanwhile, Darren Richmond lets us know that firing Jamie was all in his plan in order to get into Lesley Adam's campaign to find the real leak. Indeed, interesting to say the least. Progress. Good episode.
  • You are going to have to watch this series carefully (or each episode multiple times) otherwise you'll miss things.

    This story is more than a murder mystery - although the death of Rosie Larsen will impact lives and actions throughout the program. We see in this episode that Rosie was not the perfect human being that she was thought to be by so many. Her best friend saw things in her persona that were not always pleasant. This happens to young people when they are popular, whether its because of their looks or their friends or the attention lavished on them by their parents. We learn that Rosie's lover was an adult, and based on the letters discovered by Detective Linden, probably one of her teachers.

    And there is something going on in the campaign office of the Mayor's race - betrayal and other intrigue, that may very well be connected to Rosie's death.

    We also meet an unsavory character who is somehow connected to Stan Larsen. Could this relationship have anything to do with Rosie's murder?

    As they say - the plot thickens.
  • Linden and Holder try to figure out if Jasper and Kris were responsible.

    Nothing really happened of note in this episode until the very end, but if anything, I thought it flowed the best and also did it's darndest to make these characters that have been somewhat bland and lame as of late and beef them up a bit (yes, I'm talking about Linden).

    The biggest reveal in the episode is that Bennett, Rosie's teacher, seemed to have an odd relationship with Rosie, one that extended beyond teacher/student. Linden finds a slew of long notes written to Rosie by Bennett, and airing in a montage along with this scene is Bennett talking to Rosie's mom, talking about how much he respected her.

    I've read other people's reviews where they talk about how the end's of the episodes, despite being cliffhanger-ish, are just presenting red herrings for the audience to believe one thing and then pull the rug out from underneath our feet. I'm not a fan of this method.. if you're a show that's as well written as The Killing, don't screw with the audience.. be clever, but not so clever that you alienate people. That being said, I hope this Bennett reveal is a legitimate thread and not just another one of those ridiculous things that will be debunked.

    Overall, this was a good hour of the show.. we get some look into Linden's relationship with her fiance and with her son, two people that have been vastly underused since the show is focusing so much on the actual murder. If the show can balance everybody out and make it all equally interesting, the show will be much better.

    That being said, I loved the Larsen plot this week.. we're seeing a lot of the same old stuff here, but I did think the Larsen's learning that Rosie did indeed suffer was a great way to continue their plot.. it gives her death a new context.
  • Slow episode for the most part, but picked up pace towards the end

    While I thought that this was a good episode overall, it was not as exciting as the previous episodes, as nothing new really happens, except towards the end, when we find out Richmond and Jamie's connection, and learn of a new suspect who was really close to Rosie as well. The first half is somewhat very boring, except we find out that it was Sterling in the video (which I thought was a little creepy, because she seems to be such a mousy wallflower character), and the only parts that really stood out for me in the first half, was once again, Mitch and Stan (especially Mitch), when they go to the funeral home, or when Mitch sees the photos of her daughter in the other room, and when she asks the Father at the church where God was when Rose was in pain, and even when she hugs Sterling in school because she wants to remember holding her own daughter like that. I loved those parts of the storyline.

    I think another reason why I thought this episode was a little boring was because it focused so much more on the campaign between Richmond and Adams for the majority of the first half, while Holden basically spends the whole time in the bus, and Linden is for the most part with Rick. But the show did pick up pace in the second half of the episode, and it was very interesting to watch. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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