The Killing

Season 1 Episode 12

Beau Soleil

Aired Friday Jun 12, 2011 on Netflix

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  • All this episode did was ruin what was a good show by tossing one of their best characters under the bus.

    One reason why I kept tuning in to watch this show was because of the character of Darren Richmond, who to this point has been performed brilliantly by Billy Campbell. The compassionate concilman who refuses to take advantage of a greiving family, helps the police anyway he can... but guess what??? The show got desperate when they tossed this guy under the bus. No point in watching season 2 if one of the best characters won't be there. Bad, bad episode. I knew the show was going to point in his direction, but unless this is another last minute switch and bait, chances are I am going to be very, very disappointed in next week's finale.
  • By far the best episode since the pilot, it moves the plot significantly forward, assuming of course they don't weasel their way out next episode. Still, I'm excited for the finale.

    The last few minutes were great with Holder's "date" really being some more police work and Sara's decision to not use her "phone as a computer" turning out to be a pretty solid one.

    Still I don't think Richmond will be the killer... he probably used the escort service, but I still don't trust his associates.

    One scary thought - I remember that the original Danish series was at least 18 episodes in. Were they still working on one case? Will the finale weasel out of wrapping everything up in order to continue again next season? Or perhaps the second season will involve a mystery that is spun out of this season's wrap up. I'll put my money there.
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