The Killing

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday Jun 03, 2012 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Holder gets coffee and breakfast. Linden tells Holder that they need to get a warrant because the key card is still at the casino. The one thing that doesn't fit is why Adams would sabotage the waterfront revitalization when it's the centerpiece of his campaign.

DAY 24: At the Richmond office, they learn that they are just 2% down but it's essentially a statistical tie. Adams sees the video and notices it's up to over 10,000 views. His aide Benjamin has found out that Jamie's ex-girlfriend, who works at the District Attorney's office, leaked information to the Richmond campaign. Holder and Linden head to the Richmond campaign office and ask Gwen to use her father, Senator Eaton, to get them into the casino. Linden presses Gwen for possible access.

It's Halloween and the children have dressed up as pirates. Terry picks up the phone and Stan receives news that someone has made an offer for the house. Terry headds downstairs to Stan's office check that the fax machine has paper. While looking through the drawer for the papper, she sees an evidence picture of Rosie's body.

Gwen does ask her father to obtain a federal warrant for the casino from the attorney general. Senator Eaton is appalled at this request since Jackson is one of his biggest political supporters. Gwen, however, threatens to publicize that the Senator knew about Adams sexual advances with her when she was just 14. Gwen says she learned from the best.

Linden calls Jack back in Chicago but he's at school so he can't really talk right now. Holder comes back to the car and says that they now have the casino warrant. A large team of crime scene investigators from the FBI comes to support Linden and Holder this time. They serve the warrant to Roberta who tries to stand in the way again.

Jamie and Gwen prep the canvassers for the last day of door-to-door campaigning. Richmond sees Adams and heads over to speak with him. Adams says he knows that Richmond was suicidal the night that Rosie died. They exchange some more tense words, Adams says that Richmond has until 9 p.m. to withdraw from the election or he will release the sealed report of Richmond's actions that night.

Janek and a group of his thugs, including Alexi, find Stan in the garage. Janek tells Stan to kill Joseph Nowak for talking to the police. Janek says he's not asking and threatens to harm Stan's family if he doesn't comply. Stan says no, but Alexi overhears Stan also saying that he took care of Piotr for Janek and that was supposed to be the end of his dealings with Janek. Janek says people drive crazy these days and the dog or the children could be hit. Janek leaves.

On the tenth floor of the casino, Jackson grants access and the FBI asks for all camera footage as far back as October 1st. Linden realizes that the area she was looking in before has been re-done but tells the FBI to tear up the floor. Back at the campaign office, Richmond tells Gwen and Jamie that he intends to withdraw tonight at the rally. He doesn't want to say what happened, but admits that he tried to kill himself the night that Rosie Larsen died. Jamie wants to know how Adams found this out. Jamie is angry because he doesn't want to lose and tries to start spinning the suicide attempt. Gwen admits defeat, at least if they stop now Richmond still has a political future. Jamie leaves upset about the situation. Alone with Gwen, Richmond says he changed his mind right after he jumped.

At the park with the boys and the dog, Stan talks about a new house to escape the pain of the old one. Terry says that she and Michael Ames were going to start their own family. Stan says if anything happens to him he wants Terry to take care of the boys. Terry looks worried.

The warrant expires in about ten minutes so Linden is quickly trying to find the key card and says she comes up empty. She leaves without finding anything, but later in the car with Holder, she pulls out the key card saying she didn't want to submit it into evidence since there are so many corrupt police officers in the area. Back at the casino, Roberta is reviewing the camera footage and sees Linden hold up the key card to the camera in the elevator and smile. She shows the footage to Jackson who is absolutely livid. As she pushes Roberta out of the room, she slams the door on Roberta's fingers. Jackson places a call to someone saying that they have the key card.

Lt. Carlson enters Mayor Adams office. Adams asks for Linden to be taken off the streets. Adams then offers a promotion to Lt. Carlson if he can complete the request. Meanwhile, Stan follows Joseph home and removes a gun from the glove compartment box of his truck.

While driving, Linden notices that someone is following them. They play with the police radio and hear someone saying that they are following their car. Holder floors it and tries to get away. An officer informs Lt. Carlson that they lost their tailing vehicle but know their location based on Linden's cell phone.

As Nowak leaves the house, Stan approaches but notices a newborn baby in the back of the car. During this moment, Nowak sees the gun so he tries to fight back. But Stan decides to not kill Nowak but tell him to leave town and never come back. Later, Janek gets into his fancy Cadillac when someone pushes a gun into the back of his head. Thinking it's Stan he says they can work things out but it's Alexi who was hiding in the back seat. As he pulls the trigger, Alexi mentions avenging his father's death.

Richmond starts his rally that evening. Linden and Holder head to Seattle City Hall but Lt. Carlson tries to stop them from entering. Linden shows him the key card and Holder tells him change is coming and he better get on the right side. Carlson allows them to pass. Richmond continues but he now strays away from the prepared statements. His speech was not in the original prepared statement so Gwen and Jamie exchanged worried glances. Meanwhile, Linden and Holder head upstairs to the offices. Richmond continues, saying that he did attempt to kill himself the night that Rosie died. However, he knows this was wrong because he has this will to continue living, to fight. He says he will never stop fighting.

More police start arriving at City Hall as Lt. Carlson circles the lot. Linden tries to access Mayor Adams office using the key card but the light blinks red. They then head down the hall and find that the card accesses the Richmond office instead. The two are shocked.

Stan heads home to find that Mitch has returned. Back at the campaign office, Linden and Holder now have new leads to consider.

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