The Killing

Season 2 Episode 12

Donnie or Marie

Aired Friday Jun 10, 2012 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Linden and Holder are still in the campaign office asking themselves did it. Jamie and Gwen are the only suspects left. But the cops, under Mayor Adams' dictation through Lt. Carlson, corner them at City Hall and start to arrest them. Linden decides to bring up the photo and say that she'll drop this piece of evidence if Adams calls off the cops. Adams approves and sends the police out of his office. Linden determines that the Indian bones were planted by one of the Richmond insiders. Linden asks for the corrupted police officials to stop bothering them until they can fully pursue their new leads.

Stan makes Mitch some coffee. Mitch apologizes but Stan says not to worry, it doesn't matter because Mitch is home. The kids come home from trick-or-treating and see their mom for the first time in almost two weeks. Mitch sobs as she hugs Denny but Tommy isn't so forgiving and runs to his room. Terry goes to check on Tommy.

Linden and Holder discuss the whereabouts of Gwen the night of the murder. Did she have enough time to get to the casino and back? Linden isn't sure. But Gwen wouldn't have the heart to kill Rosie, so leaving her alive in the trunk could have been her way of doing things. Earlier that night, Gwen had dinner with Ruth Yitanes but recall it was cancelled for an unspecified reason. Next, they turn to Jamie. The report says that Jamie went home to help out with his grandfather, whom he supposedly lives with. But, Holder also notes that Jamie entered the City Hall gym at 4:37 a.m. In addition, the security guard that let Jamie in said that Jamie didn't have his key card.

DAY 25: It's Election Day, so Richmond heads to get a haircut. Richmond is still happy he told the truth even when Gwen informs him that the early numbers are the greatest. Meanwhile, Holder has checked out Jamie's grandfather and the alibi holds. Holder says that the grandfather seemed "with it", unlikely to be lying. Linden heads to City Hall and talks to an IT clerk about the key card. He mentions that someone deleted the list of key card holder names a week after Rosie's murder but never brought it up to police. She asks who came to get a new card soon after the deletion of the names and it turns out to be Gwen Eaton.

Back at the Wapi Casino, Holder and Linden visit again to get retrieve the video surveillance footage. Jackson hands it over, reluctantly. On a wall, they notice that Gwen Eaton and her father Senator Eaton were present at the Casino's grand opening and seem to have an ongoing relationship somehow. Next, they find Ruth Yitanes who corrects the two officers, saying Gwen cancelled on her and that Gwen has been controlling Richmond by using sex and romance for her benefits, just like her father has done. Yitanes also confirms that Michael Ames owns the Columbia Domain Fund and makes donations to Mayor Adams using this listing.

Meanwhile, the press swarms Richmond who has caused a stir with his last speech. Adams comes to take an opportunistic photo of the two candidates and mutters that the speech was Richmond's last. Richmond and the team then leave and Gwen suggests a back door to avoid the crowd. Outside, Gwen says she is upset because this should be Richmond's day. She tried so hard for him. She departs separately saying she will see him at the next stop.

Mitch adjusts to being home again with Terry being the mother figure. Terry mentions that Stan bought a new house. Terry mentions that it was really hard without Mitch and when Mitch becomes defensive of her long time away, Terry argues that she kept this family together. Holder finds out that Ames owns five companies. Linden confirms that Ames was on a ferry at the time of the murder, so that leaves Michael Ames out as a prime suspect. However, they notice that Ames' newest company, Nereus Capital Properties got permission to bid on city contracts very quickly. It was clearly expedited. They also notice that Ames' wife Sally Ames is not on the new company. The clerk explains that Darren Richmond's aide Jamie sent an email telling her to speed up the process. The company then landed the Mayor Adams waterfront construction project contract, clearly side-tracking the open bidding process.

At the campaign office, Holder and Linden question Jamie about the expedition of the company bidding process. It's odd though, because it looks like Jamie is helping out the Adams campaign by speeding up this deal. Holder asks if Jamie has his key card on him. Seemingly startled by this request, Jamie does pull out a key card.

Back in the car, Holder and Linden take a break and have a smoke. Linden now hypothesizes that it's possible that both Gwen and Jamie committed the murder. Holder recalls that Michael Ames got a call about the break-in that night and cancelled his trip to Las Vegas. Maybe that's why Gwen cancelled. Linden nods. Stan learns that Janek is dead from watching the news. Mitch appears and talks about the new house. Stan says he wants to have a fresh start. Mitch says she doesn't want to leave the house now and Stan starts listing the good features of the new house. Stan says there's no moving on from what happened as long as they are in this house.

Linden and Holder head over to the place where Gwen was supposed to have dinner, the Lake Union Yacht Club. The valet says he signs everyone in, so they check the log for the night of the murder. The valet attendant hands over the list and Holder spots Gwen Eaton signing in at 8:37 p.m. The license plate recorded matches the car that Rosie's body was found in. They rush over to find Gwen who confirms that she lost her card and ordered a new one. She reminds the officers that she was in Tacoma in a hotel room the night of Rosie's murder. However, Richmond was not there for a number of hours, which are unaccounted for. Gwen says she wanted to see Richmond that night so she cancelled the dinner, going there personally to cancel. Gwen says she left the campaign car and took her own to see Richmond in Tacoma. Holder says things do not add up at all but Gwen heads off without answering any more questions.

Now late in the evening, Richmond's office learns that he and Adams are practically in a tie. Richmond gets a call from someone and he looks over at Gwen and Jamie. He then whispers, "What do you want?". At Holder's apartment, Holder comments that he never knew Rick was also a psychiatrist. Linden reviews the photos from the casino grand opening and finds that Jackson's former assistant has a broken arm in the photo. Linden and Holder rush over to Roberta's personal office at the casino and close all the blinds. They start giving Roberta some concern over Jackson's authority. The former head of security, the woman from the picture, was framed for murder. Roberta is shocked. Linden says Roberta already knows this and says that Roberta has the missing security footage from the elevator that the cops need.

Meanwhile, Richmond makes an odd stop at Jamie's house where he says he will call the driver to pick him up later.

Linden and Holder view the security footage back at the station. They see that the campaign car entered the casino at 12:58 a.m. Now, they load a second disc from the elevator, which shows that at 1:02 a.m, Rosie rode the elevator to the tenth floor. She has a smile on her face.

Back at Jamie's house, Richmond wonders what the man called Ted wants. Ted seems very capable for a grandfather, grabbing a beer from the fridge.

Back to the casino tapes, Linden and Holder watch as Chief Jackson, Michael Ames, and finally, Jamie Wright board the elevator one at a time to head to the tenth floor.

Meanwhile, Jamie returns home as well and finds Richmond there with Ted. Richmond asks why Jamie lied to him.