The Killing

Season 1 Episode 3

El Diablo

Aired Friday Apr 10, 2011 on Netflix

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  • The Devil is in the details

    This show is absorbing but it is so depressing. Its like this series is smacking the part of me that simply likes a good murder mystery with how horrible it is to kill people. One second I'm roped in with the cops trying to solve this thing so they can go home. Even cheering on Holder's uniquely awesome approach to getting information out of people. And laughing hysterically when people ask him "are you a cop" (There is a really awesome Holder episode on the way ... I can just feel it) Then I'm back with the Lauren family. And how every moment of everyday is a reminder that their daughter is gone. Its a feeling that if you can't understand it, well , you probably just haven't been around long enough. Then there is the political side of this thing. It seems tangential now. But in a way that suggests it'll be of the upmost importance later , even though I'm sure Darren didn't actually kill Sophie. Right now it just seems to illustrate that once all the horrible details of this killing surface and ruin this entire community ... the world around it will look on at a distance, shrug its shoulders and move on. This is horrible. But at least we found out whodunit! And back to the weather! Oh and wait a second. Whoever is responsible for the rape video is a moron. Its one thing to be sick enough to do/tape that thing. But after her murder was public knowledge this kids should have destoryed any record of that whether they killed her or not! Not that I feel all that bad about the prospect of those losers being locked away however. And Linden's fiance is more than a little unreasonable. He's acting like their relationship is coming apart because this brutal little sex murder caused her to miss her flight. Give her so time, she wants to be there as much as you want her there.
  • This segment was faster paced, and has definitely increased my interest in this story.

    Det. Linden is now fully invested in solving this crime. She and Det. Holder discover valuable clues in this episode, which in turn, helps them to create a suspect list. From the evidence found in the "cage", a fenced off area in the high school's basement, they have their first witness, and potential suspect. They go off to question him and in his room find pornographic material. He surprises Linden, tries to attack her, and finally escapes through his second story window and falls, seriously injuring himself. At the hospital, they show him pictures from the high school's yearbook, and he identifies Kris Echols, as the student Rosie was with in the cage.

    There is further intrigue within the campaign of City Councilman Richmond - but right now, these matters seem like a distraction. We also witness the extreme grief, and disruption to the household of the Larsons. I didn't realize there were ten episodes in this series - I hope the intrigue and suspense only continues to build.
  • El Diablo

    A very intriguing episode of The Killing. The first 2 episodes brought us in, now it's time for the story lines to really heat up. I loved the tie in with the janitor and how he saw "El Diablo" which can be Jasper or the other guy that was originally suspected.

    Mirielle Enos continues to be the weak link of the cast, and as the main star, it doesn't bode well for this show. Give more screen time to the other characters. Even though we've been getting a pretty great balance of the campaign, the family and the cops.

    I think overall, this show is doing a pretty good at the realism. The show continues to have a whole lot of intrigue and the final scenes are always what grabs in for the next episode. Can't wait for the next installment.
  • Much better than the previous episodes.

    Wow, there was so much drama, suspense, twists and turns happening in this episode that it kept me hooked. I loved that the episode was nicely balanced with the drama of Mitch hearing Rosie's voice in the answering machine, to thrilling moments when Rosalis jumps up behind Linden, to the shocking end of finding out that both Kris and Jasper made that tape! I also enjoyed watching how Richmond dealt with the person who was leaking out information from him. The only part which I feel could have been eliminated was the scene with Linden and Reggie. I really did not see the point to this scene or what the point of Reggie's character was (and on a side note, not to be rude or anything, but I couldn't make out what Reggie's gender was either). Anyway, other than that, I really enjoyed watching this episode.
  • Linden goes after a janitor who may know what happened to Rosie, while Holder goes after a guy named Kris.

    Upon finding the Cage, we get one of "The Killing"'s most intense episodes, one filled with twists, scenes that are dramatic in both emotional and action ways and with another killing ending. If this is what the show will be like, a series of episodes that slowly builds towards a great ending, I'll have no complaints about the slower pace.

    I continue to enjoy watching Holder grow as a character. We learn that the weed he gives to people is fake weed, something that smells like it, which shows how clever he can be, and his humor stands in nice contrast to the darkness of the rest of the show. Also, while I thought the Richmond campaign was the weak link in this show, I'm actually a little excited to see how the writers will get him to fit in with everything. He seems to have a lot of secrets that will likely come out in due time, but at this point, while he deals with the leak in his campaign, I'm more interested in his relationship with Gwen, his helper, and with his past, which seems to involve a dead wife and kid. I'm not in the group of people who think Richmond did it, but how in the world does he fit into this?

    I'm tempted to call this the best overall episode of the show, mostly because more happens here than any of the other episodes. While looking into a janitor who may have seen Rosie being raped, Linden is attacked, a surprising turn of events, especially considering the show is so slow on the momentum front. We also get some more great work by Michelle Forbes as Rosie's mom.. this show should get her some Emmy recognition.. I still am struggling to find the merit in Mirielle Enos being the lead actress here, mostly because there seems to be no room to develop her character when there's so much dense plot developing before our eyes.. maybe the writers can pull it off, but I'm not convinced yet.

    However, the ratings are good, and a second season seems imminent. I'd be interested in seeing how this show would continue with a second season. Right now, we have a story that continues getting more and more interesting, especially with that intense ending of this episode.