The Killing

Season 3 Episode 6

Eminent Domain

Aired Friday Jun 30, 2013 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Danette is livid as she walks into the police station and tries to explain that Joe Mills has her daughter. She obviously ran all the way there. She demands to see Linden. The clerk doesn't understand and Danette gets so upset, they throw her in a cell.

Linden and Holder try to talk to Angie Gower, the victim they found at the veterinarian office. She was picked up like most of the other girls. She says he was quiet and at one point, he told him to move to the back. He didn't join her in the back though. The girl says he just wanted to talk to her. She says the man said he wanted to save her, but he was so fast. Linden shows the photo of Joe Mills in a lineup of men. But Angie surprisingly says that none of them is the man that attacked her. Holder later scolds Linden for pushing too Angie too hard. Linden suggests a sketch artist from the police station. Holder wonders if Joe Mills is really their guy because there is no connection between Seward and Mills. Reddick arrives offering investigative help.

The veterinarian tech did not see who dropped Angie off there. They are still looking for Mills. Linden gets off the phone and goes to meet Danette back at the prison. She tells Holder to get a sketch from Angie.

Back at the station, Linden tells Danette that Mills is still missing. Danette says she ran out of the motel. Linden wishes she had told her where Joe Mills was. Danette takes in the severity of the situation and starts reminiscing about her hard time parenting Kallie alone. She says that Kallie runs off but always comes back.

At the prison, Alton tears up his sheets to make a noose. Seward is awakened and asks why he is doing that. Seward tries to talk him out of suicide but Alton says he has been here for three years and he's had enough. He tells Seward not to yell for the guards. Seward agrees and tries to offer some encouragement as Alton hangs himself from his cell window. Henderson arrives late to work the next day and finds that Becker has left early. During his inspections, Henderson finds Seward staring blankly at Alton's cell. Henderson turns around and sees the body.

Back at the station, they still can't find Mills. Skinner has other problems though. Tess Clarke complains that Linden visited Adrian without her permission. Adrian has been sleeping in the closet, something he used to do. Skinner says it won't happen again. But Linden wonders why Adrian would go back to sleeping in the closet. Knowing this, Linden and Holder visit the apartment where Trisha Seward was killed. She grabs the address from the old case file in her backseat. They look at some old notes and find out that there was no closet in Adrian's old bedroom. Linden manages to pick the lock and they look around the vacant place. Linden goes to the closet and lays down in the way that Adrian might have. There are glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling because he slept there. Through an air vent, Linden notices that she can see through the front door and the spot where Trisha Seward was murdered. If Adrian was sleeping there, he would have seen the killer.

Back at the station, Skinner is frustrated with the lack of leads on Mills, but Linden tells him about Adrian. Skinner talks to Linden in private and says that talking to Adrian will not happen. Skinner still isn't convinced but Linden is upset that Skinner won't consider the possibility that something is fishy with the Seward case. Skinner asks if Linden is "too close" to the case again and tells her to focus on Mills instead. Linden says she is following evidence here.

Henderson asks why Seward did not call for help the night before. Seward says he did help and also requests a visitation. Meanwhile, Danette finds Bullet on the street and asks her if she's seen Kallie. They decide to drive around together. Bullet takes Danette down by the river and she gets to know Kallie a bit better through Bullet.

Seward's father, also a prisoner, greets him in the visitation room. Seward says something changed his mind about seeing him. Seward's father got him the razor and hoped he would have attacked Becker. Seward tells his father about his hard life after his father was thrown in jail. His father says he is proud of him, but Seward says he is going to die and doesn't feel like a man at all. Later on Linden visits Seward and asks if he knows Joe Mills. She mentions that Adrian saw the killer in the apartment and thinks that Seward did not kill his wife. She tells Seward that she needs help so that she can talk to Adrian. But Seward is upset that she realized this twelve days before his execution and hangs up his phone.

Bullet goes to find Lyric in her hotel room. Twitch must have run off again because Lyric is alone and the two get into bed together to keep warm. They talk about Kallie. Lyric says that she knows Bullet likes her.

At the station, Holder tries to get inside the killer's mind, trying to figure out why he chooses his targets. He pretends to be a shepherd and the girls are his flock. All of a sudden, Skinner and Reddick realize that Angie has left the building. Skinner is furious and suddenly, Linden proposes they check the Beacon Home. Perhaps the reason why everyone is keeping secrets is because of Pastor Mike. Once there, they wait in the Pastor's office. Holder takes a look at his own poster board of pictures.

Danette locks her door, but then unlocks it thinking Kallie will come home.

Pastor Mike comes back from his meeting and Linden and Holder look at each other, not knowing what approach to take.

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