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Episode Discussion: Off the Reservation 2x08 (spoilers)

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    Please use this thread to discuss Sunday's episode Off the Reservation (May 13). Enjoy!
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    The show follows the first season of the Danish original and takes a radically different direction. In the original series the murderer is the Larsen's best pal that kills himself here and there he is a serial killer who escapes at the end to parts unknown. The second season of the original then went into another plot which is purely oriented at the local and European political concerns and will probably not be reproduced by the US version.
    To return to this season's episodes,it seems to me strange to see an Indian tribe,or at least its leadership, conform and even supports the most conservative politics that once massacred them, to the point of near genocide. However, this addresses the recent impact that casinos in Indian reservations have had that are worrisome to those who have supported and fought for Indian rights for several years. Many tribes have, for instance,voted out- if not excommunicated, previous members with the claim that they do not have enough tribe blood running in their veins. Of course, the real reason is less are the parties entitled for a share of the profits the more for the remaining "pure bloods". In many cases, like shown here, the "leadership" of the tribe have been incredibly greedy, corrupt and even criminal while hiding behind the genuine despair of the Native Americans in the actual United States.
    The Killing must be praised to give attention to this state of affairs and sadly in a presidential election year no one have made these concerns an issue. Maybe it's not too late to hope that this president will discuss this and other ethnical issues that are central to the daily lives of Americans. Otherwise, the TV show is extremely well done and gives food for thought for the final resolution to this murder. Also, it gives genuine hope that despite what many believe, the police is there, at least sometimes, to be the voice of those who can no longer speak, to be the justice for those who are silenced by death. Mr. Larsen says that no one cares for his white lower middle class daughter's murder, but we see that this is far from being the truth. Many will have as an afterthought if this would have been the case had the victim been black, islamic, or gay- but we are made to feel that with these detectives it would not have mattered. If there is any great to say of the series it is this: that this team in the end are what we would all want police officers to be, our servant protectors.
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    Few years back I was watching a WWII documentary and after the death of his wife Hermann Goering is said to have exclaimed "Now nothing will stop me!!!"

    With the loss of her badge and having to send her son away I'm hoping for that kind of crazy from Linden

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