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Forbrydelsen - the Danish original

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    [1]Jun 16, 2011
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    My advice would be to watch the Danish original instead, with subtitles (reading ain't that bad, honest). It's far more subtle and moving than the AMC version. Both from an acting and filming perspective it's more naturalistic and so it involves the viewer and evokes more attachment to the characters.

    AMC have given us what is (IMO) one of the best shows of the decade with Breaking Bad so I know they are capable of some amazing output. I just wish they'd directed their energies into making something more original than this remake ofForbrydelsen. You can of course argue that it makes the story accessible to a much wider audience, but in doing so it dilutes it.

    I'm not trying to be a snob, I am entertained by much more 'low-brow' shows I just think that a classic should be left alone and creative energies harnessed for more original concepts.

    Anyone else feel this way?

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    Forbrydelsen takes 20 + episodes to wrap up. I saw that Series first and was disappointed in The Killing. Not that it wasn't good but the Danish original has better Stars, acting and story finale wrap up. I don't speak Danish but my advice is to download the BBC version and enjoy what, in my opinion, is the greatest Crime Miniseries of all time.

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    I agree completely with your points.

    The Danish version is far more emotionally engaging - the scene with Birk-Larson in the petrol station loo, for me, was and still is terribly heartbreaking. Also the whole concept of a series based essentially on police incompetence (I lost count of how many times the cops would jump to another ill-conceived conclusion) was probably difficult for the US production to get their heads around. Lets face it US cop shows are rarely subtle and I think the diverse nature of the European countries does mean we (Europeans) can produce dramas which reflect our differing national psyches & cultures and then seems like the polar opposite of anything produced in the US.

    My main beef is that if they are going to follow the Danish original why make so many changes that reduce the emotional impact of the story line? I just don't like the US characters as much as I should. I think the idea of adding atmosphere filming it persistently raining just makes Seattle look miserable and makes you wonder why they don't all move to California. Yes, Copenhagen has a rather wet changeable climate but even the Danish made sure we saw their city in dry conditions!

    All productions have their place and I did enjoy the US version, I just didn't like it as much as the Danish. I would recommend anyone with a large TV set to watch the original with subtitles, the Danish language is closely related to English so they tend to speak with the same cadence, intonation, and rhythm that English speakers do so it is quite easy to follow and after a while you don't notice it.

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    Season 3 of the Danish series is now out as well and with English subtitles. Has some YouTube video - short ones and International BAFTA in 2011 - beating out Mad Men , Glee and Boardwalk Empire.

    Another great great series from England is The Hour just started watching - there are 6 shows first season and 3 so far this
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